The Medina Mosaic tiles- day 5 : the Casbah tile


The last and final day of revealing tiles. It was such a fun so far and now it will be exciting to see how the end results will match together. Even for me this is exciting as i work on it right now and have no idea also what it will look like. But i guess we will see and i have faith in it this will turn out fine.

Day five contains the brown colors which can be placed for so many things. The desert, the clay buildings, the stone paths or maybe the big city gates many capitols have in the mid-east. I decided to call this one the Casbah tile. As Casbah is old english refered to some kind of Medina or middle center place of a city i thought it was a good thing to do. As many medina’s or centers of cities in that area contain lots of stones and claywork i thought it suited perfect.


As this tile will become a mid center piece also in the combined version later i think it had a double reason to be named this way. It will feature with the yellow and orange in the mid part of finished piece.

And what will the Casbah tiles do when combined by digital magic ? It gives a good reflection of a real Casbah doesn’t it ?


As this is the last tile for now, please keep following my blog or Instagram account to see how this will process into a combined version. Of course i ‘ll keep you updated !

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