the Medina Mosaic tiles- day 4 : the Majorelle tile


Day 4 of the introducing of the Medina Mosaic tiles contains a beauty with a special background. It is the deep but yet hard blue tones which is a lot to find around Morocco. Especially Marrakesh holds a place where this color is build out to a large garden full of mosaic and blue tones. Of course i mean the Majorelle gardens which can be found just outside the Medina.


The blue is really blasting of the screen and in real it is even the same. So i definitely wanted to capture this into the tiles as i think it is such a remarkable color and place. So the Majorelle tile was an easy one to came up with.

And how does this look when it is combined ? I think it gives a real dark but still 1001-nights feeling when i look to it. It will give a good contrast to the lighter tiles in this design.



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  1. When I saw your blanket and the Majorelle tile in particular, I knew that I wanted to try it. I just happen to have all the yarn for this too. PS. I have been to Morocco twice now and the Majorelle Gardens!!! I love the blue colors. I even painted my front door a dark blue and light blue so I could hang the protective “eye” which matches. I bought that in Cairo. I hope I can do justice to your beautiful design.


    1. WoW ! It seems the pattern is almost made for you ! Of course you can to justice to it ! Good luck and let me know in any way how it will go along the way !


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