the Medina Mosaic tiles – day 3 : the Souk tile


Third one already ! Today we have the Souk tile which contains the orange colors in different shades. From a lemonade color to deep rust. Orange is such a vibrant color and you can’t think it out of a design like this. Orange can stand for so many things, like the orange blossom trees, the apricots or a nice carpet.


Why did i call this tile the Souk. As the Souk is the Arabian marketplace full of different kinds of saleswear, it is also an explosion of colors ! In these you see a lot of orange color works as lot of herbs, pottery and vegetables and fruit contains a certain orange. And as i think the orange is one of the most exploding colors in our entire color palette i think it worked out great with these two together.

And what when Souk tiles are combined together in a digital way ?


Mysterious and still the spot is on, isn’t ? Keep following the blog to see what the last two tiles will look like !


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