The Medina Mosaic tiles- day 2 : the Tunis tile


And here is day 2 of the introduction to the Medina Mosaic tiles. We are gonna talk about the Tunis tile which is a dark and deep green tile. As i think that the jade, shiny green in the middle is to find in many objects that are related to the middle-east, i also thought the dark edges would give it some more mystery. As i wanted some mystic and dark elements in it to compensate the brighter parts i think this tile worked out fine in that way.

And why i called it the Tunis tile ? Tunis is the capital of the largest city of Tunisia. As this country is a bit oversea it collects so many elements of the middle-eastern and islamic culture which contains so many beautiful elements. And of course Tunis has also a large Medina where you can find so many interesting things. At the Medina lies the big sea gate Bab el Bhar which connects the Medina to the modern city.

And why exactly the green for Tunis ?……i really can’t say ! Maybe it is the green of the deep ocean water ? Or maybe it is the green of a small jewelery shop in the Medina which has wonderful jewelry with Jade stones ? Or green pottery sold in the Medina ? I thought it just suited without any further purpose.


And what will it do when digitally combined into a photogrid ? The magic still works in it even in a green color !



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