Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 4 is now available…

It is time to announce for the last time a Part is ready for the Dia de los Muertos CAL. Part 4 is now available and will make it possible to finish up your project. In Part 4 we will bring back color into the pattern and you will crochet a border. Also we will make some nice decorations with some simple embroidery stitches on the skulls. You can find Part 4 here.

For anyone who missed this CAL and still wants to join in. You can find all information here.

I want to thank you for joining in, giving me the trust and belief to once again bring a CAL into the world. As you may have seen in previous posts here on my blog times are bit dark and hard due depression and a burnout. Many times I have been in doubt if I should host the CAL as you lay a pressure and schedule on yourself which you can’t handle in moments like these. And yet I felt the urge to just try and accomplish it. Although I couldn’t be the help I promised, I feel most of you succeeded pretty good with here and there some help of others. I am thankful for that and the way things unfolded. But I am also thankful for the ending of this CAL as I really can let it go now. Time to work on myself once again. And the crocheting and designing just continues. As I told before it is one of the few things calming my mind. So, new stuff is coming up as usual but I will keep things simple when it comes to releases and everyting connected. Next week I will release the Mexican Tiles which was meant to be a extention pattern for those of you who would like to stay in this Mexican mood. The pattern is inspired om many things Mexico is famous for. Stay tuned !


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