Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 3 is now available…

And we are already in week 3 of the Dia de los Muertos CAL. Most of you finished Part 1 and 2 already and all versions I have seen so far are special and beautiful. I am glad so many of you have joined and it seems most of you are enjoying it so much. In my head the designing is a special process and in my opinion something can look amazing…but still the crowd has to like it as well and be able to make it. So far…mission accomplished.

Part 3 will be a more practical and technical Part. Lots of crocheting with black and we attach the skulls in this Part. Something that isn’t that hard but it needs full concentration and attention. I also wrote down some notes for those of you who didn’t like the skulls on it, but are making a version just like the lovely Tineke Tap from my team. There are a few steps to be taken for this…but no hard ones. Just read them through and download this weeks Part here.

For anyone who missed this CAL and still wants to join in. You can find all information here.

See you next week when we will finish up the CAL with the last Part. And I can already tell, it will be a final full of color and fun !

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