Dia de los Muertos CAL – Part 2 is now available…

Yes it is that time of the week again ! Part 2 is now available and you can get it here in different languages. This week we are gonna add some black and white to the pattern and we are gonna crochet the other skulls. In total you need nine skulls so if you already made one as test skull….you only need to make eight more. As stated in the introduction….if you decided to crochet all nine skulls already you have reduced this weeks Part to a minimum of six Rounds. This was your own choice and if so you will be ready in no time for Part 3.

If you missed out Part 1 of the CAL, you can find it here. Also, stay aware you need the introduction guide besides the pattern as it holds the abbreviations for colors and stitches – as well some useful tips and notes to the pattern. The introduction guides can be found here. Well that’s it for this week. Enjoy it and see you all next week !


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