Arabeska is out now (free pattern)…

I have teased you long enough on social media with glimpses and some peeks of this new, free pattern; Arabeska. So, it’s time to put it out here and send it out to the world – hoping some of you might like to try it and create a fun, square blanket yourself. Before we get there, I want to tell you more about the pattern.

When I started creating Arabeska, I was influenced by some Ottoman designs. They all have some trellis shapes in them, which this motif also has. But, keeping it as a trellis was something I didn’t find very helpful as it is a hard motif to connect. So, I tried to make a square out of it which delivered a very lacy look and actually gave the benefit that they could also be easily joined together.

They are connected in the corners of the motif and at two stitches on a side. As a surprise, this also gave another fun element to the squares as the space between those squares also delivered another shape. I really loved this. So, when this was all done, I just took a bag full of scraps I had left from creating the Floating Lanterns blanket, and used them to create a full range of different colored squares. In the first four Rounds I used color, and in the last Round I all used an off-white as it also works better when all squares hold the same color while connecting. It gives the pattern more balance.

Time for some general information about the pattern:

  • The pattern is made with Scheepjes Stonewashed and Riverwashed. I just used scraps of this brand I still had; you will need approx. 6-7 grams (17-20 meters) of yarn for a Color A in the square. This is the inner color. As Color B, I used regular off-white Stonewashed in the color range 801 Moonstone. I made the last Rounds of all squares with it, and the border. In total, I used 4 balls of 50 grams for this color. But, as told, any yarn will do!
  • the pattern with this yarn option is crocheted with a hook size of 4.0mm.
  • the size of the finished blanket will be 115 x 80 cm.
  • The squares have a join-as-you-go technique, which makes them easy to connect while crocheting the last Round of a square. I explained this in a tutorial – and chart.
  • the pattern holds written instructions – guided by photos, and a chart.
  • the pattern is available for free in English (US) and Dutch.
  • Stitch use in this pattern is pretty basic, making it perfect for beginning crafters.

Okay, said enough about it, Time for the real deal. As always with free patterns, you can download the pattern from my Ravelry page and save it to your library or link it up to your project page. But, for those of you without Ravelry in your life, you can also easily download it here:

The pattern is free – as not all things in life have to cost something and it is fun to sometimes give something back to this wonderful crochet community. However, some of you always like to appreciate my free work as well. You can do this by sharing it on social media, tagging me, and just making it. Or, you can gift me a cup of coffee. In this way, you can easily gift me a small donation to fund my work and let me even create bigger, better, and more free stuff in the future!


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  1. Hoi Marc, gaaf dat je dit zo maar weg geeft. Ik geniet van je werk en heb je eerste boek gekocht waar ik van geniet. Ik wens je heel veel inspiratie. Heb een fijne dag, Wilma


  2. Dank je wel voor alweer zo’n mooi patroon van jou. Ik ben fan grt Joke
    Heb de Spice market gemaakt en seaside serendipity het patroon in huis.


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