Karadeniz Kilim crochet pattern is out now…

Finally, I can release this new pattern called Kaladeniz Kilim. I love this pattern so much, and the geometric shapes which you will create with the mosaic crochet technique are so cool! I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new pattern, so let’s start!

Karadeniz Kilim is a mosaic crochet pattern that is inspired by Ottoman designs. Especially in the region around the Black Sea, these tiles and decorated buildings can be found, which form a rich inspiration for these types of designs. I gave this pattern a Turkish name as similar forms from this design were found in Istanbul when I visited it. Karadeniz means “The Black Sea”- or the region around the Black Sea, and Kilim means rug. This pattern is designed as a small rug – but the options are endless. This pattern is straightforward to adjust in size. For that reason, it can be easily changed to a blanket, table runner, baby blanket, or cushion.

The mosaic crochet technique is very easy, so this pattern would be great for beginning crocheters up to advanced ones. I also created a simple video tutorial on how mosaic crochet works. It shows the technique in a square shape, and this pattern is built up out of Rows, but it shows you a good view of how the overlay crocheting in the back and front loops will work. Here is the video, and if you like to see even more videos, subscribe to my brand new Youtube channel as well.

Some general information about the pattern:

For this pattern, I used a combination of Scheepjes Whirligig and Scheepjes Merino Soft. A Whirligig is available in 450 grams with a length of 1000 meters. The yarn consists of 20% alpaca and 80% premium wool. Merino Soft is available in balls of 50 grams with a length of 105 meters. The yarn consists of 50% superwash wool / 25% micro and 25% acrylic.

As Color A, I used Scheepjes Merino Soft, of which you need 8 balls – or 840 meters. In the example, I used Color 607 Braque. I used 1 Scheepjes Whirligig as Color B, which stands for 1000 meters of yarn. In the example, I used Color 205 Teal to Ombre. Any yarn combination would work for this pattern, as long as they are similar.

  • a crochet hook of 4.0 and 4.5mm is used.
  • the size of the finished project will be 110 x 75cm. However, adding or removing repeats can easily adjust the pattern sizes.
  • the pattern is created with the mosaic crochet technique. The border is made with a double border technique, which will cover up a lot of loose ends to weave in.
  • Stitch use is basic in this pattern and perfect for beginners and advanced crocheters.
  • The pattern holds a written version, with a very simple chart to follow. Also, some photos are included at the hard parts of the pattern. There are no videos for the pattern – except a tutorial on how to do mosaic crochet on my Youtube channel.
  • The pattern is available as a PDF download in English (US) and Dutch.

As usual, you can purchase this and any other pattern I designed in my Ravelry or Etsy shop!

That is all the information you need to know for now! Enjoy some more photo work on this lovely piece of art!


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