Where to get Gallery and Crochet Journey within a few weeks (and later on)…

As we approach both the release date for my second book; Gallery, and the new release of my first book; Journey and Crochet Journey, I thought it would be great to let you know where to get the books once they are available. So, let’s go!

Let’s first start with my second book; Gallery. A book with 12 masterpieces to crochet – inspired by famous paintings made by the best masters of the time. I have shared some peeks already, and the book will be released in Dutch and English (US) on September 20, 2022. The book is published by Dutch publisher Livres de Louise and will also be distributed from here. For all Dutch and Belgium customers, the book is easy to get at any bookstore, craft store, and Bol.com.

Portrait of Adele by Gustav Klimt project out of Gallery.

The book is available through Amazon UK (pre-ordering not available) and Amazon DE (pre-ordering available) for anyone outside of the Netherlands and Belgium. And….for any Scheepjes dealer worldwide, it is possible to order the book through wholesaler de Bondt B.V. They offer very good shipping rates for retailers and will have a good stocking of books. Make sure to check your local craft store if they can purchase it through this wholesaler, as it will save a lot of costs when it comes to shipping.

In the meantime all USA customers can order the book through Dotsyarnden. In the U.K. Woolwarehouse will stock it in a few weeks and in Australia we have Bellemae who is stocking it.

The girl with the pearl earring by Johannes Vermeer project out of Gallery.

And next, my first book, Journey, is now one year out in the open, and it has been a thrill to see how well it is excepted. It was also published by the Dutch publisher Livres de Louis, and the Dutch version will still be published in a second print under the original title: Journey. However, we also connected to the publisher David and Charles out of the United Kingdom. They bought the rights to the book and will release the first book once again in English. The title has made a little change to Crochet Journey. It will be released on October 11, 2022. Your best friend to buy this book in print or digital will be Amazon UK and Amazon.com. For sure, many bookstores also have the book. For customers who like to buy the English version; of Crochet Journey, this book will also be available at wholesaler de Bondt. B.V. So, make sure to check this at your local craft shop as well.

If you like to check what to find in Journey and Crochet Journey, check this page. The book’s inside hasn’t changed and is the same for both books. It doesn’t matter which title or language you will have.

And finally, the answer to the question is if you can buy a book from my place – the designer. The answer will be no – at least not the first months after the releases. Last year I still had a web store and could easily sell my book. I decided to quit the shop earlier this year, so my only sales point for physical items will be Etsy. But there are more reasons why this choice is made. First of all, I can’t handle all the work of shipping out so many books. Due last year I even have become busier with crocheting and writing – besides this, it isn’t possible to handle a shop as well. A second reason will be shipping and shipping costs in general. The fee for shipping in Europe has become so high that I don’t want to have a longer discussion about asking for $20,00 of shipping for a book that needs to go overseas. Besides that, many mail pieces get lost during these lost months, and mail companies have many problems. All those lost books (which also happened a lot last year) are my responsibility and my damage in costs. When it comes to these things, small independent businesses can’t compete with larger companies out there like Amazon and Bol.com (Dutch). They can offer far better shipping rates and customer services regarding lost items. For that reason, I decided this was the best thing to do. I will offer some pieces later this year through Etsy – just for the one out there who really wants to get it from me, but firstly we stick to the main sales points. And for sure, I am working on some kind of way to offer an alternative for signing – as many of you will have the book but never have the option to see me in real life.

For all my fellow Dutchies, if you like to have your copy of Journey, Crochet Journey, or Gallery – I will be attending the Kreadoe this year in our own stand. More information will follow soon.

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