Fearless Feathers Shawl pattern out now…

Although I am actually in the middle of releasing books like Gallery and Crochet Journey , I think it is also okay to get back to the digital world and do some work there. As my books are beautiful and a must-have for any crocheter, I know not everyone is fortunate to get them. For that reason, I also continue to release digital patterns in the meantime. My digital pattern work is different from what’s in the books, and what is in the books will not be available online as it is designed with a certain theme and mindset. Anyhow, a new digital pattern is here!

Fearless Feathers is a very lacy shawl full of tiny feathers, giving the shawl the look of two bird wings folding over each other. As colder weather is approaching, I thought it would be nice to release a shawl pattern once again – although for myself I don’t often wear one. Although I designed this shawl with the idea of wings from a bird – many of you also suggested angel wings. And hey…that is also a great idea! So feel free to see in this design what you like to see! And…go crazy with colors! When picking colors, I took the snow owl (Hedwig from Harry Potter) in mind, but if you would take a parrot, why not go crazy on rainbow colors? The options are endless. The tension and design of the shawl are unique, other than the regular triangle-shaped ones, so the wing concept is expressed.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • 1000 meters of yarn are needed for this shawl. I used a Scheepjes Whirl in colorway 751 Liquorice Yumyum.
  • made with a crochet hook 3.0mm.
  • Due to the unusual shape of this shawl, the measurements are not exact. The shawl will have a width of 110 cm. The length from top to bottom wing point will also be 110 cm.
  • the pattern contains written instructions, guided by photo tutorials. No chart or video is available.
  • the pattern has a unique shape and tension which makes it very important to block your pattern according to the instructions given in the pattern.
  • the pattern is available in Dutch and English in a PDF file, which you can download after purchase. There is a print-friendly file and a file with photos included.
  • the pattern is tested by Tineke Tap.
  • Stitch work in this pattern is regular. The hardest stitch will be a dc3tog or a fpdc/bpdc.

And now the most important part – where to get the pattern? As usual, you can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop.

And that’s all for now! I will be back soon with more new stuff, so stay tuned!

test results of Tineke Tap.

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