Crochet Journey is out now…

Today there is another book launch….yes yes, because my first book, Journey, will have a new release in the English language again. We started in 2021 with a one-time print in English of the original Journey book, but this print was sold so fast that we couldn’t even imagine that before making it. So, luckily at the beginning of 2022, we contacted David and Charles publishers in the U.K., and they had a lot of enthusiasm about the book. So, they adopted it, changed the title, and here it is! The inside of the book didn’t change a bit; we only changed the name to show off this is the English version, published by a different publisher.

Here is a fun video made by David and Charles with a great overview on the book!

And for sure, to celebrate the launch of this book, I also did some extra video footage myself! I recorded two technique videos which are often used in the book(s). One is to work between colors without the need to fasten off all the time, and the other is to block your project.

For sure, the book is now available through many places, and Amazon is your best friend here when it comes to shipping rates. But, I also would like to mention that you could perhaps purchase it at your local shop. All book stores can order it for you, and many craft shops can also get it through wholesalers.

And as the last surprise, to once again celebrate the launch of this English book, my Dutch publisher and I made a fun record about this book. I came up with a Q and A for ourselves to choose between one or another answer- all based om travel and crochet topics.

If you like to see the projects out of this book one by one at a slower speed, why not look at the book page here on my website.


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