Ice pattern is out now…

Here it is! The annual holiday pattern of 2022 from my side! Every year I try to come up with a winter-theme-inspired pattern that doesn’t consume too much time and which is also for use besides the holidays. Meet this year’s pattern: Ice. I took a closer look at the anatomy of a snowflake and discovered so many geometric shapes and figures in these little dots of snow, that inspiration came up right away. I especially love the “flower” shaped snowflake, and I took that one as an inspiration for this pattern.

Although this time of the year always gives me mixed feelings, I still want to keep this tradition alive. The month ahead of us is mostly one of the short days, long nights, and a lot of lights and festivities. Still, many of us these days are going hand in hand with painful thoughts of missing someone, feeling lonely, or even depressed. These feelings are honest and can be there, yet there is also a brighter side to these days. There is so much joy, and light, and people are feeling a bit more compassion for each other. Let’s try to keep that side up, and this pattern tradition for me is also a way of keeping my positive vibes up.

Time to give you some general information about the pattern:

  • I used some scraps of a Hobbii Twister cake for this pattern. The pattern requires about 220-260 meters of yarn which isn’t a lot, so perfect to use up some leftovers from used gradient types of cakes, perhaps? For sure, any type of yarn will be perfect.
  • I used a 2.5mm crochet hook for this pattern. It is better to take one size smaller crochet hook for the chosen yarn in this pattern as it needs to be a bit tense.
  • the size of the finished doily will be approx. 40 cm in diameter.
  • used stitches are all general crochet stitches. The only requirement for this pattern is that you know your way around front post stitches.
  • the pattern holds clear written instructions and charts. No videos are available for this pattern. After purchase, you will receive a PDF file.
  • the pattern is available in English (US) and Dutch.

And where to get the pattern? For sure it is as always in my Ravelry store and Etsy shop. From Friday 25th of November 2022 up till Sunday 27th November 2022 you will even get a discount of $1.00. This discount will be applied automatically from the original price of $3.00.

I might have another surprise ready for December, so stay tuned and watch my socials to find out soon!


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