The Hourglass Hat pattern is released, and TGWTH hand-dyed yarns are now available…

It is the beginning of a new year, and I have decided to start this year with a bang. I have been working hard over the last weeks of the old year to come up with a lot of new things. In the next weeks, some new patterns will pop up in your feed one by one. And although most of them still are crochet related, today I have a new knitting pattern to release! I don’t often knit as it delivers a lot of pain in my neck and muscles due to rheumatics. Still, I like this type of crafting and its results. Besides that, I had a good reason to knit once again as I picked up another old interest of mine….dyeing yarn! Let’s start off with that topic first.

A few years ago I was dyeing yarns on a regular base, and the most fun thing about it for me has always been to be creative and play with colors. Something that is in my genetics and which I use in all my crafting. When dyeing wool, you really get the chance to make the most wonderful creations and combinations…and so I found the time to get back to it. Dyeing yarn is for me also a way to get out of my head, and it has the same results as knitting or crocheting; it gives me a clear view and an untroubled mind. Something I need often in times when all kinds of things are in my thoughts.

Above you can see the results of the last weeks. I tried to dye a palette of colors that are easy to combine and which are typical colors you would match with me as a designer. Each skein I dyed is one I love, and every skein is special due to the fact all dyeing is done by hand. I decided for now to only dye sock yarn which comes in skeins of 100 grams with a length of 360 meters. All on an 85% merino wool and 15% nylon base. The thread is twisted which gives the perfect and most solid outcome. Please visit my Etsy shop if you are interested in all colorways and general information. I will show off some particular colorways under here.

Northern Light colorway
Kingfisher colorway
Mysterious Moss colorway
Midnight Lagoon colorway

And for sure I had to come up with an example where I used some of my own hand-dyed skeins. So, I combined three colors to create a lovely knitted hat with a fair isle pattern. The Hourglass Hat knitting pattern for that reason is released at the same time as the skeins as an example of how it looks when used. For sure the pattern doesn’t need the yarn – as any type of sock yarn can be used to create it.

he Hourglass Hat pattern is one of the few knitting patterns I have created. I have designed it with great pleasure and always love knitting in the fair isle technique. It is beautiful to show off symbols, repetitive patterns, and motifs. I was inspired by time for this design, and the main pattern for this hat holds an hourglass image. Time passes by, but the use of this hat is timeless. Besides that fact, I feel that handmade items are also timeless, as they are passed over from generation to generation. And if not the things like a hat, then it might be the techniques like knitting or crocheting.

Some general information about the pattern:

  • I made this pattern with my own hand-dyed yarns. I used three colors of it. However, any type of sock yarn will do for this pattern, and it could be Scheepjes Metropolis or Westwool Bicycle for example. You will need the following amounts:

Color A: Dark blue – I used Denim Drift from TGWTH hand-dyed yarns (you will need 200-260 meters of yarn from this color)
Color B: Rust – I used Antique Amber from TGWTH hand-dyed yarns (you will need 130-160 meters of yarn from this color)
Color C: White – I used Snowflake White from TGWTH hand-dyed yarns (you will need 180-210 meters of yarn from this color)

This hat will need 2.5mm US 1.5) and 3.0mm (US 2.5) needles. You can use DPN (double-pointed needles) or a circular needle with a wire length of 40 cm (16 inches

Small size head circumference: 57 cm (22 inches)and smaller
Medium-size head circumference: 58-62 cm (23-24 inches)
Large size head circumference: 63 cm (25 inches) and larger

The medium size will fit almost any adult.

  • basic knowledge of knitting in the Round with a circular needle or DPNs is required for this pattern. As knowledge about knitting with multiple colors in the fair isle technique. For both things are no explanation in the pattern.

The Hourglass Hat knitting pattern is available as a digital download pattern from my Etsy shop and Ravelry.

When visiting the Etsy shop to watch the hand-dyed skeins, you might also see there are some other new items in stock. I have worked to get some printed items back in stock. For that reason, my second book Gallery, and the Seaside Serendipity booklet are back in stock in English (US) and Dutch. And there are two new booklets as well; I re-wrote the Medina Mosaic Tiles pattern and the Lotus and Blossom mandala, drew some charts for them, and released them once again in a booklet form. I already added them to the shop if you interested in it, but I will tell you more about it next week!


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