Fika crochet pattern out now…

Time for a new crochet pattern, which was already loved by many of you from the early stages I worked on. Although this pattern isn’t that hard and accessible for all levels of crochet skills, it is fun. I was reading a bit about the Swedish term of “Fika,” and it delivered this idea, so, I will first tell some more about Fika.

Fika is the Swedish word for a break in the day. Take a moment to drink a cup of coffee or tea – or at least regain some energy. Once you understand the concept of Fika, you will see how much it is worth. Take those moments for yourself and create a moment of joy between things. People who live by the terms of Fika often make soft and cozy spots in their homes and have these daily breaks into those spots. From this point of view, I started creating this Fika Runner. A perfect and large pattern that gives you a lot of variation to work on – ideal for small Fika moments. And also to decorate your Fika spots like your bed or a sofa.

As you can see, this runner has so many small things to take your attention. Because of the different and many parts of this project, it is really fun to work on it on and off. I am sure you are dying to know some more general information about the pattern, so here it is:

  • crochet hook 4.0mm needed
  • The pattern is made with Scheepjes Stonewashed. Stonewashed comes in balls of 50 grams with a length of 135 meters of yarn. The yarn consists of 78% cotton and 22% cotton. The pattern uses five colors:

Color A: 802 Smokey Quartz – 9 balls needed (1300 meters)
Color B: 805 Blue Apatite – 4 balls needed (500 meters)
Color C: 813 Amazonite – 4 balls needed (500 meters)
Color D: 801 moonstone – 3 balls needed (400 meters)
Color E: 809 Yellow Jasper – 4 balls needed (500 meters)

Size: 80cm in width and 180 cm in length

  • available in Dutch and English (US)
  • pattern holds clear written instructions and charts to guide you.

With larger patterns full of information and a lot of pattern text, I sometimes make a booklet besides the digital pattern release as an extra option. So, as this is a pretty large pattern, I decided to once again make a booklet for the Fika pattern as well. It is a booklet in A5 format. The booklet is available in English (US) and Dutch in my Etsy shop.

And the most important thing to know is for all of you who like a digital pattern version. You can purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store or Etsy shop; after purchase, you can download a PDF file in the languages available.

At least some nice photos to show you the beauty of Fika!


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  1. Momenteel ben ik bezig met de prachtige Fika. Wat ik graag als tip mee zou willen geven en ik aan het begin van het patroon heb gemist is het volgende.;
    Bij een envelop border een kantsteek toe te voegen aan het patroon, zodat je gemakkelijker het kan bevestigen.
    Met vriendelijke groet
    J. Bach


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