The launch of Create from the Yarnsmiths (and a fun pattern gift)…

Today is the launch of a new yarn brand called Yarnsmiths! It is the first own yarn label of Wool Warehouse and they gifted me a box with some balls of yarn to test and play with it! And so I did!

First, let me say you something about this new yarn brand. It comes in balls of 100 grams with a length of 290 meters. It is made from 100% acrylic fibers and is fabricated in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The thread is twisted carefully which lets it glide over your hook perfectly. The label suggests a 4.0mm hook or needle – and after some testing, I feel this is perfect! Any yarns to compare or combine with this one? Yes! It could easily match up with Stylecraft DK or Scheepjes Colour Crafter. But, regarding pricing, Create will win as it is cheaper and the quality is good – if not better.

And what to make with this new yarn? Well, there is plenty of fish in the sea to pick from, but when something new is coming up, and you gift it, it is the polite way of celebrating and giving something in return, right? So, I had a draft for a new pattern, and I felt it might be the perfect thing to crochet a sample from with these new Create yarns. The square is part of a new pattern called: Jewels of Jaipur, and I have to work it out further along. Still, to celebrate this launch day, I could manage to write down this square pattern in advance. It just holds written instructions and the use of Yarnsmiths, but I will officially launch this pattern later on with charts, photos, a border, other languages, and other components. For now, this is just a fun project square for all adventurous crocheters out there! You can download the written pattern for the square here:

As told, the launch for this pattern will be later on in a full, completed version; as a fun experiment, I made a simple collage above to show what this square on its own could already bring you when joined together. But is it too hard? Just wait a while, and I will have a complete guide ready for you. This is just a fun token of my gratitude to Wool Warehouse for gifting me a box full of surprises.

Interested in where to get Yarnsmiths Create, or just want to take a look at their range of over 40 colors? Click here to visit the shop!


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