The Shimmering Snowflakes are now available…

And here is my very first holiday pattern – the Shimmering Snowflakes. The perfect to make over and over as decorations in your home. They are the perfect thing to use as a hanging ornament in the Christmas tree, or maybe hang them on a wooden branch in a window frame. The options are endless and of course they are Christmas related, but after Christmas is gone they still can spice up your living room as the cold and dark winter still continues on. The beads on the snowflakes will shimmer as fresh snow in the moonlight. I have made a pattern with three different snowflakes and let me introduce them :

This is the first snowflake which will be the smallest one. At each image you will see versions with beads and without.

This is Snowflake 2 which is a more classical one you might know.

And this is snowflake 3 which is the biggest of the three.

Well these three snowflakes can be found together in the pattern. Of course, you need some details about the pattern :

  • crocheted with scraps of Scheepjes Catona. You will need between 4 – 11 grams of scrap yarn in fingering weight. It depends on which of the three snowflakes you make. Of course, the pattern tells you how much you need for which snowflake.
  • as these ornaments need to be tight, I chose a hooksize 2.5 mm to crochet with as they make the snowflakes pretty solid. See for yourself what size of hook fits for your hand, but remember the work has to become really tight so the snowflakes won’t be flexible.
  • the snowflakes contain beads. I used glass and metal beads size 6/0 rocailles. You just need a bunch of them for each snowflake so you might have them in inventory already.
  • If you never crocheted with beads so far, please take a look at my tutorial here, where there is a tutorial in the menu about crocheting with beads.
  • No beads ? Don’t worry, you can easily make the snowflakes without beads. Pattern holds instructions to do that.
  • Size of the snowflakes :

Snowflake 1 : approx. 12 cm (4.7 inches) from point to point
Snowflake 2 : approx. 15 cm (5.9 inches ) from point to point
Snowflake 3 : approx. 16 cm ( 6 inches ) from point to point

  • the pattern holds clear written instructions and many photos to guide you. However, it doesn’t hold charts or videos.
  • Stitches used in the pattern are regular stitches from a single crochet up to a treble crochet.
  • pattern is available in English, Dutch and German. Many thanks to Christina Berberich for the German version of the pattern.
  • some people like to put there ornaments in sugar water or glue after making them. I didn’t leave instructions for this in the pattern as I can’t garantuee these techniques will do any harm to the beads. If you decide to do this, please check for yourself if the material you are going to use doesn’t do any damage to iron or glass as most beads are made from this.

Well and the last thing to mention is where to find the pattern. As this is a smaller pattern which only comes in handy at a certain time of the year, I have uploaded it for a reasonable price of just $ 1.00. You can find the pattern on Raverly or my Etsy store.

As always there will be December discount as well – as every year. During the month of presents and holidays I always have the tradition to give discounts on all of my patterns. So, if you still find a dollar too much, please wait til the first of December and you can even purchase this pattern cheaper. It is just something I like to mention as I know many people aren’t being able to buy patterns on the go. Hope you like these Shimmering Snowflakes.


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