The Kyoto wrap (free pattern)…

The Kyoto wrap…a free pattern which I proudly present. The pattern is a large wrap made with Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art and Scheepjes Merino Soft. The lace part of this pattern holds little fans which are inspired on the traditional fan dances performed by geisha’s in Kyoto – Japan. If you have ever seen such a dance in real life you know the magical and graceful way of these dances. I had the luck to see one when I visited Kyoto two years ago. If you have not I really recommend watching the movie – or read the book – Memoirs of a Geisha from Arthur Golden. In this story you see those dances a lot of times and it is such a heartbreaking and beautiful story.

This pattern is also released in a time where our world is in a state full of fear and unstable situation due the fact the Corona virus is spreading itself through each part of our planet. As I live in the Netherlands, I see what happens in my own country and I see what happens in countries around us and on other parts of the world. It gives fear to see each day more people die and get infected. More restrictions are taken and as I myself work in a vital section to provide people from food….I also see the behaviours many of us get due the fact of this situation. I feel the world is in a weird and strange situation where we all have to set aside or own provid, help each other, take responsibility and more important…..let our minds also relax for a while each day. Everyday there are loads of news with updates and numbers which only gives us signals in our brains to even get more and more anxious. It is good to be up to date and be aware, but also take time to unload and relax a bit while at home. Pick up your needles or hook and set your thoughts aside for just a moment each day. I hope this free pattern will also help some of you in this as well with a nice ball of yarn you still had in stock. And also for this reason I have launched the pattern some days earlier then announced.

The pattern is made with 2 balls of Scheepjes Whirl Fine Art and one ball of Merino Soft which is the connector between two different balls of Whirl Fine Art. However, as I feel this yarn type is a premium and pretty expensive yarn, I felt I need to also make options for cheaper ways and of course a free pattern even if you would suggest buying the yarn. Why spending so much money on a good, premium yarn and also have to spend some money on a pattern for it ? So, I stated also some options for versions out a regular Scheepjes Whirl and a Scheepjes Colour Crafter version – which is a DK acrylic version. Of course, each yarn type delivers different outcome and versions so I also stated some seasonal information in it, as a Whirl Fine Art will deliver a more warm and heavier weight wrap – where a fingering Whirl type wrap would deliver a less heavier weighted one which would be perfect for summer. But just see the pattern for all this information. For my fellow Dutchies…if you feel like buying this yarn I would recommend ordering at Caro’s Atelier. If you buy through this link you even support me a little without any extra cost for you as customer.

Stitch use in the pattern is pretty easy and basic so I would say a beginner would even be able to do this. Besides that there are written instructions, a photo tutorial and a chart. The pattern is available through Ravelry for free to save in your library, or just download it here. It is a PDF file which comes in English ( US terms), Dutch, German and Swedish. The pattern is tested and translated thanks to Tineke Tap, Christina Berberich and Anna Nilson. Well time for the pattern, under here you can download them :

Some last things to say…if you feel you want to show a thank you for this pattern, it is possible to give me a symbolic coffee. Just click on the image to be linked through. There is no need for that as I gladly provide a free pattern, however I also buy my own materials, invest my time and effort in free patterns. But i always feel someone is free to do as they please as we all have different income and quality of life.

Also take a reminder that this is a free pattern but it holds copyright and terms. If you want to make commercial use of this pattern you always have to contact me for a permission. Besides that it is not allowed to share, reproduce or take parts out of the pattern for own use or to copy it. It is allowed to sell finished products made with the pattern.

It is always a lovely way of giving me some credits to refer to the pattern or designer on social media or in groups. You can also use #kyotowrap .Last some last pics to show off this lovely pattern.

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