Copyright violation statement…

***UPDATE*** in the meantime the pattern is taken down. But just as a warning I have left this post here it is for further violation issues.


I really hate to write this message. First of all I want to bring out positive words and news in times there is negativity enough around us. Besides that the whole CAL situation two months earlier delivered enough discussion, so…..I really don’t like writing this but I feel I need to do this.

For some time there is a copyright violation going on – on my patterns but also on famous patterns of other great designers. This whole thing is going on for almost two years now and there are several steps taken from my side – as well by other designers. In the end you can’t get to the main core of the source and most of the times these sources are crypted. Besides that it costs loads of money to challenge this by law with a lawyer. So in the end you stand with your back against the wall. How sad it is. The only thing remaining is to make people aware. So…here is a warning :

Above you can see the violation. At Shereocrochet you can buy a copied version of my Medina Mosaic Tiles pattern. Besides that they even dare to ask a price that is much, much more. There is also a small modified version of my Solstice pattern on this store. If you see this webstore or see any discussion in groups or on the internet…please make sure I have nothing to do with it. Please tell that it is a stolen pattern. As I myself are not in that much groups and forums I don’t see everything. And a lot of people are contacting me already about this issue. Perhaps in this way together we can get a hold on these kind of things.

Last thing to say….please don’t start discussions or send me loads of private messages. I am aware of this problem, i’ll try to fight it and I want to stay positive. I just want to make very clear this sales point isn’t mine and the sellers are violating and stealing patterns.


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