A Spicy Secret and a December discount…

It is December already….time is going so fast these days and it seems life is flying by in a airplane speed. The year is already closing off in a few weeks and so many things have happened this year. As it was again a constant change of positive and negative moments I actually am looking forward to the new year for a while now. Why ? Because 2020 will hold some amazing secrets from me…for you.

In about for weeks time you will find out what the first one will be. I’m not gonna say that much about it…I only will tell you as many as the title tells you. It will be a Spicy secret !!! Any thoughts already ? Curious ? Well stay tuned over the next weeks as I might drop some hints here and there on my social media. The first image might show you a very small sneek peak.

The past weeks I released the last patterns of this year which we’re already planned. Most of the times there is a month or three scheduled between a pattern and the release of it and so it can happen that I work on the Northern Tiles ( photo above) in the end of the summer, while you like to publish it in the beginning of the winter. It can seem that I pop something up and three weeks later there is a pattern, but most of the times it is already done for a while.

And so this short introduction may tell you a bit about the last weeks. The secret I’m gonna share and announce on the first days of 2020 is already in progress for a while. A huge task of work was involved and still is. Me and a amazing bunch of people who work with me are still busy with it. So although the last month of the year might seem very relaxing here at the Guy with the Hook, behind the scenes much is going on.

And I have another announcement ! December for me is the month of celebration, reflection and being together. And of course full of presents. Here in the Netherlands we have two official celebrations in December. One is Sinterklaas, which involves a lot of gifts and is a typical Dutch day for children. And second we have Christmas ! And just as last year I’m in the mood to give away some presents as well ! So from December 1st up til December 31th you get a discount of 25% on all my paid patterns with the following coupon code :


Make sure you type the coupon code in capital letters ! The coupon code is valid for both Ravelry as my Etsy shop. The discount counts on all patterns no matter how much you buy or how many times you use it. To make it even easier here are the links to my Ravelry shop and Etsy shop.

For my fellow Dutch citizens, if you like to buy a nice Christmas gift involving some yarn or a “the Guy with the Hook kit” from one of my patterns as a lovely Christmas gift…take a look at Caro’s Atelier. I have to mention that if you purchase something through this link you benefit me also a little with it.

Well this is all….for now. As I mentioned before, in four weeks there will be more to tell and make sure your not gonna miss the big news. But to not leave you behind totally in confusion, here are two more clues of the Spicy secret.

Clue 1 – I have never done it before.

Clue 2 – Here is a photo to also guide your thoughts in the right direction ;

photo rights belong to sunshineseeker.com

See you in 4 weeks to solve this mystery !


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