The Spice Market Crochet-A-Long…


The CAL is canceled before it even started. The official statement about the reasons for it and how to continue can be found in the post for this. Please note that al information stated before the CAL was canceled no longer applies.

People who already bought the pattern can expect a update with the full pattern in it, in any language there is for now. And from now on it will stay there for purchase a individual, whole pattern at once. For anyone who loved to join with the free, English version, please find it here.


Ohhh this is so exciting ! I can finally announce my biggest project so far : my very first Crochet-A-Long : The Spice Market ! Inspired on the rich, colorful and busy marketplaces out there through the entire Middle-Eastern section of our world. It has been a long journey to get this all out here and it took months to make sure colors we’re right,writing patterns, photos we’re taken, the patterns we’re tested, the patterns we’re translated and above all…it was ready to show off !

Well here it is and I hope you like it ! I can imagine your thrilled to get to know every detail about this amazing CAL, so I’m gonna try to give you all the information step by step and so we first gonna take a look at the three different versions I created for this CAL. These are the three versions you can join in with, no matter if it is your own choice of yarns and colors or you stick to my list of used colors and yarns. I just created three different weights of yarn projects so you can let the amounts guide you with your choice. Each version is build up out of 8 colors.

Let’s start off with the lightest version of the three. Made with Scheepjes Sugar Rush which is a Lace weigth yarntype. This is the Cinnamon and Rosewater colorway. All information about sizes and amounts of this version can be found in the materials PDF file which you can find under the last shown version.

Second we have the Saffron and Ginger colorway which is my personal favorite. This version is made with Scheepjes Cotton 8 which is a fingering weight yarntype and will deliver a beautiful and a bit smaller blanket. All information regarding sizes and amounts can be found in the Materials PDF file under the last shown version.

And the last one is also the biggest version which is called : Lavender and Mint. This version is created with Scheepjes Colour Crafter which is a DK yarntype. As Colour Crafter is a acrylic yarn the blanket will be not to heavy due the size of it.

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  1. I’m a great fan of oriental paintings so this is right up my street! I love all 3 versions so I’m not sure which one I will chose but they are all beautiful.

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  2. This is the first time I will be making a CAL as the pattern progresses. I am really excited about this, because I usually don’t find out about them until after the start date. I love the colors and I love that I will get to try some new techniques that I haven’t mastered yet.

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  3. That’s a stunning blanket! I’ll definitely join the CAL, although I usually take longer than the schedule to finish it, but it’ll be lovely to take part anyway. I won’t be joining the Facebook group, since I don’t have a Facebook account, but I’ll follow it through here and on IG.
    I already bought the pattern on Ravelry to show my appreciation and support (even though I’ll probably just follow through the blog).

    I love the Saffron and Ginger Colours Scheme and I’ll try to replicate it with Colour Crafter, because I prefer that yarn.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful pattern with us!

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  4. Wow, these look fantastic! I probably won’t have time to join in in March but I can always give a try later in the year right? Btw I’m Dutch as well and I think you are doing an excellent job writing in a language that is not your own! 🙂

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      1. If you look into the menu of my website you will find all information needed.


  5. Seriously if someone complains about your English and grammar when you are giving them a free pattern or very inexpensive PDF file, then they have issues you cannot help them with ever. Thank you for sharing your amazingly creative CAL. Your talent speaks for itself in any language. Why is ‘thank you’ so hard to say?! Thank you…you rock!

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  6. These are so very beautiful, all the colours are stunning. Nothing wrong with your English, perfectly understandable and thank you for writing it in English. I always admire those who are able to use more than their native tongue. I have to have this pattern and will add it to my list. I make everything on it and it keeps me on track: I finish everything! Wow, can’t stop being amazed by your pattern!

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  7. Wat een ontzettend mooi patroon!
    Vanaf wanneer zijn de patronen op etsy beschikbaar.
    Hij gaat op mijn to do lijstje terecht komen, na al mijn andere projecten.
    Groeten Sabine


    1. De patronen op Etsy zijn gewoon vanaf 20 Maart te koop. Iedere week een deel voor de prijs van $ 0.20 per deel. Je kan gewoon iedere week een deel aankopen of hem een aantal weken later gewoon als geheel patroon aanschaffen. En hij blijft natuurlijk in het Engels gratis beschikbaar op mijn blog.


  8. Wow! Your work is SO beautiful and magnificent! I am in awe! I am going to start following now.’you are a true artist who deserves to show your work and talents proudly! Bravo! Good work! ❤️


  9. I just saw what happened to you and please know that, I, personally love this pattern and am hoping you will not ever stop creating your wonderful work!!! This is a fantastic blanket and pattern!! Looking forward to your next!!

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  10. Your work is so lovely. I know how hard you and your team worked to put together this CAL. My heart is broken about the way people have treated you. Please keep doing what you do – your designs are magnificent! ❤️


  11. I just found you and what happened to you and I am so sorry people did this to you. I will buy your pattern, even though it’s available for free because I can think of no other way to support you and who you are. I’m sorry you and all those on your team have been hurt by mean people. I hope you and they find that those of us who are nice outnumber the mean ones, no matter how loud they yell.


  12. I think that you and your designs are fantastic. I know I am only one voice in sea of many, but what you do is not easy, it takes talent. Not all can manage and your work is beautiful. Once the pattern comes out for purchase I will proudly buy and make this amazing design and put on display for all to see. Don’t stop your art. Your worth it. I can’t wait to make this.


  13. Oh my goodness! I just found this. It is beautiful! Please don’t let the awful people bring you down. God made each one of us different but He made you and you are wonderful & fearlessly made by His choosing. I see He gave you the ability to create awesome crochet blankets. That is something many of us can’t do. Keep your chin up and I will be praying for you. I will be buying your patterns also!! 😇🧶🙏🏻🙏🏻


  14. Oh what a shame you’ve had to cancel! It’s such a beautiful pattern you’ve written & very interesting colours. I’m always too busy to do the CALs but I love to see everyone’s efforts!! I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with so much negativity. You did the right thing for yourself tho, if it was causing you distress – it would’ve only gotten worse. Try not to take it to heart (altho very hard not to sometimes) – maybe people will start to learn to moderate their own behaviour a little better because of this!! ❤️


  15. Wow wow wow!!! You have such great talent. I am just gobsmacked at the treatment you have had to deal with and all the negative feedback you have received.


  16. Wow, wat een geweldig patroon en prachtige kleuren. I love it! En wat jammer dat er zoveel mensen zijn die het niet waarderen als je je passie deelt, al die negativiteit. Laat het los en zuig al de positiviteit op die je krijgt van ons allen die wel waarderen wat je doet. Stop alsjeblieft niet met je passie! En dank je voor dit geweldige patroon!


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