the Fishermen’s scarf pattern (free pattern) now available…

I present to you the Fishermen’s scarf ! This whole scarf cost me less then three days to crochet, even with full workdays. The only reason for that fact is that it is such a lovely pattern to work on. A pattern with just one repeative Row of stitches til a desired length. Ideal to work on while watching your favourite series or movies. It works up fast and easy and the effect is amazing as you almost create a knitted look. Well there is much to tell about this elegant, yet simple crocheted scarf so read through this blogpost to find out all information about it and of course the free pattern for making it.

As it began to get really cold here in Holland due the tempature gets lower day by day, I felt this would be a good time to create a new scarf. But especially for men and so with men I mean myself…I always crave for a scarf which holds no rich texture, stitchwork or what so ever. Just a simple stitch that can be folded anyway I like it and still has a comfy, cozy and modern look. So I made some swatches and the final result came out as above. And as I used different yarn types to test this stitch I felt the wooly thread of Scheepjes Our Tribe really was the best choice. It gives the stitch used in this scarf such a great extra touch which a more cotton type of yarn doesn’t…and besides that…it is a scarf made for autumn and winter so a wool type of yarn is a natural choice right ?!

To make a regular size scarf as I did, I used three balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe. They come in many colors and probably they are well known by now as this yarn is used a lot in the Rozeta CAL of Scheepjes right now. However some people experience some trouble with the yarn as it holds a thread which sometimes is a thicker, and sometimes the opposite. But for a type of scarf I made this is perfect and you won’t see a thing of it. Saying that, I chose to work this pattern with a larger hooksize then adviced as I feel the pattern needs it. But all of that is stated in the pattern. If you like to purchase some Scheepjes Our Tribe yarns and also support me with it, you can get them at Caro’s Atelier which is a Dutch yarnstore. You’ll can see all Tribe colors by clicking and buying them here.

The name of the scarf also need some explanation. As I chose a ocean-colored colorway, my thoughts direclty went to fishermen out on the sea during cold autumn days. They need to wrap themself in warm wearings to keep the freezing wind out. As the texture of this scarf is also a bit chunkey I think the name suits the scarf.

Well time for the more official part of this blogpost. All information you need to make and create this scarf.

As I told above 3 balls of Scheepjes Our Tribe is needed with a crochet hook size 5,0mm. If you decide to take another type of yarn please keep in mind to gain up your hooksize with at least two sizes.

The finished size of the scarf will be approx. 220 cm x 25 cm ( 87 inches x 9,5 inches) But you can create any size as you like. You can make it shorter or longer and create more weidth or less. All is possible !

Stitch work in this scarf is really as you will use chains, single crochet and half double crochets. The pattern holds a written version, photosection to make some parts even more clear for you, and there is chart for those who like it. So no reason to don’t start a Fishermen’s scarf : )

There is a optional part to make some fringes on your scarf, you can also skip it and save some yarn.

Well and here is the part you all been waiting for. The patterns itself. Of course you can also decide to add this pattern to your Ravelry library or like it. For that I refer to my Ravelry designers page. But if you don’t have a Ravelry account or save a few minutes of your precious time, you can also download a PDF file here. For now the pattern is available in English, Swedish, German, Hungarian and Dutch. More languages will follow in the future. The Swedish version is translated by Anna Nilson from Annavirkpanna. The Hungarian version is translated by Reka Erdei. The German version is translated by Christina Berberich.

Here is the pattern :

Last I want to thank you for your trust and belief in my work. I always feel blessed that people like what I make and create. Of course I love to provide free patterns here and there, however if you feel like you want to support this more often…there is a way. You can buy me a coffee ! Click on the image below to see how it works…and of course all is free and there is no must. You decide for yourself if you want to make a gift or just use the free pattern.

I also need to mention that as this is a free pattern, please respect copyright rules. All rights are with me and if your gonna use this for commercial or business related matters, please contact me first before doing it.

And to end this blogpost, some last photos to show you how lovely this scarf has become.


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  1. I love your work. Please tell me the exact color of the 2 beautiful scarves shown here. Is the lighter scarf Cypress Textiles Our Tribe? The second scarf shown hanging is gorgeous, but I can’t be sure of the color.
    From Your fan, Miri~


  2. Thank you for the beautiful and easy pattern. It is something to get addicted to, I’m sure. I’m using it to make a scarf for my son, using a yarn that changes its colors between light grey and beige. Nili, form Israel


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