YARN – the Afterparty nr. 50 – the Honeycumb cushions…

There is a new Scheepjes Afterparty and guess who made the design for this one. Yes ! It is me ! My Honeycumb cushions are finally released. I actually forgot a little about them, of course they we’re on somewhere on my mind but as I created these in the Summer of 2018 it has been a long time ago. In the meantime I have done so many other things that I totally forgot them. But i’m glad there here and up !

I made two versions of the pattern, one is a Stonewashed/Riverwashed XL version and the other is a Our Tribe version. For the Tribe version I really had to change the pattern a little as the type of yarn asked for a somehow different approach. In the end I love how it turned out as you can see here :

Although the smooth colorchanges of Our Tribe are perfect for this pattern, it is always fun to also play with colors on your own and create a total different change of colors. That’s why I chose to take a colourpack of the Stonewashec and Riverwashed XL. With it I created two versions out of the kit, one pink/red/purple one, and the other you can see here :

The third colorway I will show on my social media over the next days as it really turned out stunning as well. And of course the most important thing is where you can find this pattern right ?! Well you can buy it at most Scheepjes dealers which for the Netherlands will be Caro’s Atelier. If you buy something at that store through this <a href="http://<a href="https://caros-atelier.webshopapp.com/tracking/tradetracker/redirect/?tt=27390_1244709_360721_&r=&quot; target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Scheepjeslink you also support me as well a little with it.

You can also find this pattern on Ravelry at my designers page.

I hope you enjoy the things I create. Please follow my creative journey through my social media and this blog. All information about how to follow me can be found here on my blog.


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