Soul of the Sea Shawl pattern is out now !…

I have waited a while to finally release this pattern. It is one i’m proud of and something new to my collection of designs. I came to the conclusion I never designed a shawl pattern before, so it became time to add one to the collection. As theme i took the sea and ocean. A huge inspiration as I love the sea. Everytime i’m near the sea or ocean it draws me towards it and I love the sounds of the water rushing over the beach. I find it a mysterious part of our planet. On the surface it can look like a thousand of shining diamonds which is the sunlight reflecting on the waves. But in the depths it is a whole different and dark world full of life and wonders we still haven’t discovered yet. I feel the sea has a soul of it’s own, it can’t be tamed by the humans and it moves in it’s own way.


In the pattern itself you will find elements of the sea like waves and drops of water. Of course, color does a part as well as this Shawl is made with a Scheepjes Whirl SeaBreezeTease. The pattern is made with one Whirl so thats all you need. However, if you like to enlarge it, there are also options for that as well in the pattern.


Some practical information about the pattern :

The pattern is made with one Scheepjes Whirl and a crochet hook size 3,5mm.

The pattern is written in US and UK terms and contains photos to guide you through the pattern. When you buy the pattern you will get a PDF file to download.

A special thanks for my amazing team who worked really hard behind to scenes to get this pattern out.

The pattern is available in English, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish. The Swedish version is translated by Anette Hakansson and the Spanish version is translated by Julia Velosa. The UK version is made by Niamh Holcroft from Woollychickencrafts, besides that she also tech edited the whole pattern.  Besides that the pattern is tested by some members of my team and here is for example a lovely version made by Tineke Tap with a Whirl Ombre mediteranean Mooha :


And one made by my mom in a Whirl Lavenderlicious, she deserves even more credit to this version as she despite a lot of struggles finished this test while she is suffering from a burnout. She only didn’t make the last two Rows in the pattern but i feel like it is a refreshing, more geometric version of the pattern :

If you like to purchase the pattern, you can get it in my regular shops, first of all we have my Ravelry shop, and there is of course my Etsy shop : Engimonogifts. 

And last but not least, here are some more photos of the pattern so you’ll get a nice view on how beautiful it can be :






May 2021- I had several request about the patterns totals. Many people struggled with the missing totals for the last Repeat section of Round 8 – 32. So, here is a list of the totals for that last repeat section.

R58 – Repeat Row 8 with 23 repeats in the Row. [148SC and 48 times a CH6-sp]

R59 – Repeat Row 9 with 23 repeats in the Row. [486SC]

R60 – Repeat Row 10 with 24 repeats in the Row. [144SC/6DC/4TR/50 times a CH6-sp]

R61 – Repeat Row 9 with 24 repeats in the Row. [506SC]

R62 – Repeat Row 10 with 25 repeats in the Row. [4TR/6DC/150SC/52 times a CH6-sp]

R63 – Repeat Row 9 with 25 repeats in the Row. [526SC]

R64 – Repeat Row 14 with 25 repeats in the Row. [4TR/6DC/75SC/26 times a CH4-sp]

R65- Repeat Row 15. [320 SC]

R66 – Repeat Row 16. [324DC]

R67 – Repeat Row 17. [6HDC/322BPHDC]

R68 – Repeat Row 16. [322DC]

R69 – Repeat Row 17. [6HDC/320BPHDC]

R70 – Repeat Row 20. [170DC/162 times a CH1-sp]

R71 – Repeat Row 21. [336SC]

R72 – Repeat Row 22 with 28 repeats in the Row. [28 gr of HDC-DC-2TR-DC-HDC and 4 additional HDC]

R73 – Repeat Row 23 with 28 repeats in the Row. [6TR/2 additional BPTR and 28 gr of BPTR-BPDC-2BPHDC-BPDC-BPTR]

R74 – Repeat Row 24. [348SC]

R75 – Repeat Row 22 with 29 repeats in the Row. [29 gr of HDC-DC-2TR-DC-HDC and 4 additional HDC]

R76 – Repeat Row 26 with 29 repeats in the Row. [6TR/2 additional FPTR and 28 gr of FPTR-FPDC-2FPHDC-FPDC-FPTR]

R77 – Repeat Row 27. [182DC/178 times a CH1-sp]

R78 – Repeat Row 28. [366SC]

R79 – Repeat Row 16. [370DC]

R80 – Repeat Row 17. [6HDC/368BPHDC]

R81 – Repeat Row 16. [378DC]

R80 – Repeat Row 17. [6HDC/376BPHDC]


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    1. Hello ! On february 6th I bought the pattern of your shawl “soul of the sea” (1950775163) on etsy. Later I saw on your Ravelry page that there is a chart. How can I get it ? It would be easier for me to follow a chart than written explanations as english is not my mother language 😉 . Thank you have a nice day


      1. Hi!

        Indeed there is a chart which was made later on by one of my testers. I also stated that if you wanted it after your purchase this was no problem at all. If you can still access your purchase on etsy you can download it. If not, send me an email through the contact page so I can send it over to you.



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