Day 5 – Terrazzo squares – Icelandic theme : the Northern Lights…


Day 5 of the Terrazzo square color revealing. The final and last square for this week. You can see in the previous posts of this week all other color choices with subjects as : Geysers, woodlands, the sea and snowy rocks. First of all again a big shout out to Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar which created the Terrazzo Afghan pattern. She really did a great job and this square can be used in so many ways as color choices.

The square of today was actually the first one i had in mind. It is the ultimate idea which suits on a Icelandic theme. Of course….the Northern Lights. I did watched it over a night in a very cold field on Iceland. Although all my body parts were frozen to the bone, the magical view you get once it starts make you feel so small and so lucky.


But i had a hard one picking the color list for this block. That is cause the northern lights holds so many shades of light. There are blue, purple, pink and green ones and of course grey and black are also options. But as i overlooked the color choices i made this far i thought it would be okay if i would let the blue’s and black’s out cause they are already enough in the project. Then i wanted to add some pink or purple to it but when crocheting a prototype  it looked so weird. In the whole design the colors seems just not in place so in the end i leaved it out. I chose the vibrant and green colors which are the most common ones to be related to the northern light and the results are good.


With this post i released the color shades which will be in my modified project of the Terrazzo afghan. But if you think you’ve seen all…. your wrong. I have a little twist in mind although using the same colours. And maybe something will change in the design of the square to ? As Tinna works hard behind the scenes there may be or may not be some things to reveal later on ? We will see by time. Keep following me and her on our Instagrams under the names : tinnahekl and theguywiththehook to keep updated on our journey through this.

I hope you liked this adventure so far and see you soon again in a new post !


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