Day 4 – Terrazzo squares – Icelandic theme : the Deep blue Sea


Already day 4 of the Terrazzo squares color release. This is the fourth of the five ones i made up and that will make tomorrow the last one. In the mean time i will crochet further on so I can reveal more by time around this modification of the wonderful Terrazzo Afghan pattern by Tinna from Iceland. If you missed the previous squares from the last days go check out the posts about the other three blocks also.

Of course this color schedule was an easy one. Iceland is an island surrounded by oceans and seas. Also the main history of Iceland involves the vikings which also connects to the sea so the circle was round-up. When standing on the shores in Iceland i think the actual colors of the sea will not look any kind of blue….more grey or dark green. But not everything is to see from the surface.


As i also took a boat trip from the harbours of Reykjavik my view on the water did get a different look. As you ride the rough sea you will soon explore the deep blue colors the water holds when the boat is rushing up the water and waves. When getting into colder parts where ice domains it even gets brighter and brighter.

I also did watch some whales swimming around the boat. It was such an amazing thing to experience as these animals are so huge and so fascinating to see. The most thrilling part is when they lift their tail up above the water and then just dive back to the deep, blue depths of the ocean. Safely and secure from any curious tourist eyes. I feel blessed until today i was able to watch this creature of nature and that is what i all connected to this deep and rich colored square.


Tomorrow is the last square color announcement. If you are rolling from your chair already and can’t wait to lay your own hands on this pattern then just visit the pattern site on Ravelry. I added the link to it in every square post. See you tomorrow !


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