Day 3 – Terrazzo squares – Iceland theme : Snowy rocks…


And here is square number three already ! A totally different today if it comes to colors when you look at the Woodlands square from yesterday and the Geyser square from the day before. The pattern of the Terrazzo Afghan from Tinna works out really great in whatever colors you choose i guess, however i think it is important to keep the contrast of both color ways totally different from each other. So i mean dark and light or opposite colors like purple and orange.

For this block i actually got inspired by a little souvenir i bought when i was in Iceland. It is the whale carved out of a piece of wood which you see on the photo next to the square. The earthy look of the wood reminded me of the many, many rocks which you can find on Iceland. A large amount of them are dark as they are volcanic stones, but there is also a lit of lighter, more brownish colored stone. Especially when you come close by heated areas underground.


But to pick an entire brown square into a Icelandic theme it was not what i wanted so i made combo out of it. The first thing on your mind when thinking about Iceland is of course lots and lots of snow. The purifying and almost shiny fields of snow Iceland holds in wintertime is just amazing. So a little white add would be a great suggestion to this square. And there was the third color combination picked.


I think this one turned out really amazing. Although the shades are blending perfectly together, it really gives the square a light and subtile look. As this square will become the top and bottom one on the project they will suit perfectly.

As i said before i will write down color shades, amounts of yarn used and further details into one single file when everything is finished. It is easier for everyone it things are all to find in one place instead of reading through several posts. So just enjoy this week of color reveals and wait a little longer for the end results.


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