Day 2 – Terrazzo Squares- Iceland theme : the Woodlands…


And here is day 2 of the Terrazzo afghan squares.  As i said yesterday in my first post about the Geyser square i wanted to contain a Iceland theme into the color work of this project. As the pattern is made by Tinna who lives and comes from Iceland it would be a nice link to her roots and the place this pattern is actually made.

As i traveled myself to Iceland a few years ago i can also relate to that experience when i was picking colors and shades to choose from. As i yesterday was trying to catch the vivid colors of natures miracle called the Geyser, today i have a slightly dark toned one. Iceland doesn’t have that much wood as it is a volcanic ground, however i did a walk through some on my journey across the land. The trees are mostly pines with dark green colors.


However i choose the color shades on this one on the woodlands of Iceland, i guess the colorshades can also be found on the moss and different shades of grass you find al through out the land. On the volcanic rock foundation the mosses are growing very well. I remember even so that i bought some kind of moss to extract some tea from. It was sold to me as a traditional, local delicatessen.


When i finished this block i also thought about the shades of the sky when the night would fall over Iceland. It sometimes has that weird but magical glow of dark green/grey/black shades. Especially when there is a white snow blanket over the land.

Tomorrow it is time for the third square…what would it be ?

For the pattern to the Terrazzo Afghan just click here. It is made by the lovely Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar where i told of a bit in the first square post.


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