The Terrazzo squares – day 1 – Icelandic geysers…


I did mention a few days ago a new thing is coming up after the release of the “Nomad by Fate wrap” modification. It may be a new modification of a really amazing pattern that is already out, but first things first….

After i did work on a border and the 7 color combo of the wrap from Martin up North i had another request all the way from Iceland. There is living a really nice lady there called : Tinna Þórudóttir Þorvaldar.  We actually got in contact by her Instagram which shows really interesting photos so go check it out. She is famous in Iceland for her designs and already published 3 books ! But outside the borders of the beautiful Iceland we do not know her very well….which is a shame ! She is such a friendly, funny and talented lady !

But… she is translating some patterns to English it is now time that the rest of the world will meet up with Tinna and her patterns. One of the latest designs she translated and designed is the Terrazzo Afghan. It is a pattern that contains mosaic crochet and can be done with any kind of yarn you wish. Although this pattern is one to buy, you’ll get a lot for it as besides the normal size blocks for the Afghan she also included a baby version. And i can not say too much now but the pattern will even get more value by time cause there may be some side additions in the future !

Anyway….i took the request from Tinna to work my hands on her pattern and because i don’t have that much time left at the moment due family matters i made a suggestion to do something a little different with the design. Of course there is a long way to go before it is finished but I’ll started this weekend on making the prototypes for the color choices i picked. This week i will share everyday one tile which is finished in the color schedule i came up with. I will put up all information about colorchoices, numbers etc. etc. later in a file when I’m finished cause it may be a lot easier if all the information would be together. So just enjoy it for now and keep following the posts about the Terrazzo afghan.

When Tinna approached me with her request and patterns i was thinking what to do with it. I came up with an idea of what i would modify on it but that is still a secret for now, but i also had to think about what colors to use. As i traveled a few years ago to the beautiful Iceland where i saw all the untamed and raw nature, it came to my mind to catch the colors of Iceland in it. Now I’m not talking about the flagcolors of Iceland or something like that, but the beautiful shades you will discover when traveling through this amazing country. As Tinna is an Icelandic and for the moment still lives there, i thought it would be also a little credit to her also.

The first idea of what colors shades to catch in the tiles was very simple. I made a day trip when in Iceland to the biggest geysers of Iceland. Of course a big tourist spot but so worth it.


You can’t imagine what its like when you stand beside a geyser and look into that lagoon colored blue hole in the ground. It is bubbling and steam comes of the water. And suddenly out of nothing the water starts to rise and there is a big explosion of hot water. You know how it works, but actually discovering it and hear the explosion of water coming out of the earth is so amazing. I can recommend this to anyone, it is such a magical thing our nature gives us.


As i think the geysers are a typical thing Iceland is associated with i thought i would be a must have in the tile colors. And as you can see i have done it. I really love how it turned out and how the vibrant blue color work of a geyser turned into the Terrazzo tile. The black color around it gives it even more depth which makes it a great first piece. Tomorrow i will make a post about the second one which will contain a new element of Iceland !




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