The Trio Blanket finished…


You remembered i posted a message a while ago working on the Trio blanket by the Felted button ? I told you there it was a long project that i worked on between different jobs and matters. But yesterday i finally finished it and it is stunning ! I really love how the color work turned out so fine, as you just have to guess how it will be when picking three Scheepjes Whirl’s in the beginning. I did go for a more natural and very calm version and i thought these colors would work out fine….and they did !

I used the following colors of the Whirl’s :

  • Caramel Core Blimey
  • Pistachio oh So Nice
  • Green Tea Tipple

I started them all from the inside out, which sometimes was a hard job cause the whirl’s are originally not made for working them out of the heart. They sometimes knot up and you have to be very patient to get that all unraveled. So i recommend using them from the outside to the inside, but i did not for this version.

Another thing about this is that i  couldn’t use up the last grams of yarn from 2 whirl’s as they sometimes have a little difference in yarn weight. It is not much but in the end the Pistachio was all used and i have some meters left of the other two colors. But it is not a huge amount of yarn you don’t use and you want to end in a good color variation in the end.

The free pattern of this blanket is to be found on the blog of Felted Button which i also mentioned in the previous post about this project. So check that one out of your desperate to immediately get it.

My hands are free now to start on a new adventure. As i helped Martin a bit by putting up some things about the Nomad by Fate wrap, i will now start on another new project and modify a little here and there. The pattern is from a wonderful designer who lives in Iceland ! So keep following to see what this will be !


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