Modifying the “Nomad by Fate”triangle wrap from Martin up North into 7 colours or add a border…


Last week Martin from Martin Up North released his new pattern called the “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap. A masterpiece of color work and techniques if you ask me. He is a master in creating color combinations that are stunning. And all this work he does for free so go check out the original pattern if you didn’t already do it.

But if you saw the blog post where the free pattern is in, you also noticed i had something to do with it too. And now it is finally time to tell you what my contribution is to this already famous crochet pattern.

IMG_1385_4bd IMG_1390_f5c

I was honoured and blessed to be asked by Martin if i could do a test crochet on the pattern he was writing. My first and immediate answer was : YES ! of course, cause i couldn’t say no in any way. I made his Move on Up wrap a few weeks before this and as it is in the same category of patterns i knew i would love it. But there was a little modification i had to use testing the pattern. As the original pattern has 14 colors scheduled, it was Martin’s idea to make a easier version with only 7 colors in it. So we chose colors and came up with a white-yellow-orange-red version. From the moment i lay my hands on it and crocheted the first twenty rows we immediately knew this was a really good choice in both ways. The colors worked out fine when used and the use of a combination of seven did turn out just as stunning as the 14 color version. The use of 7 colors will make color changing a bit easier in the pattern and when investing in some yarn for this pattern it even will save some costs.

But when you use 7 colors this means the original color schedule of 14 colors won’t be of any use because you have to put in the colors in a different way. The idea is to work from light to dark and from dark to light just as the ombre effect and when using 7 colors this gets a little different. But no worries, i putted all information you need like the chosen colors for this version, the amount of yarn you need and the color use for each row in a handy pattern for you which you can download here :

Nomad by Fate wrap – 7 color modification


So far the color work of the wrap. Now it is time to mention my own extra addition to this wonderful pattern. When i finished the wrap in the 7 color combination i really liked the idea of leaving the strands on the border as the original pattern includes. But i also do like a simple and sophisticated border once in a while. I think a border gives a project just a little extra sometimes and so i created and designed a simple one for the “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap.


I did choose a darker color for the border because when the wrap has such a rich and bright color choice i think the border needs some serenity to frame the colors. But i didn’t want it to be that boring so i added two colors of the wrap in it too. These colors you will have left when the wrap is finished so it is a good way too re-use them. The border has no really experienced stitch work because i do want it to be useful for any experienced crocheter just as the pattern of the wrap is. However there is a little note to write down about it. The border is worked around the two rectangular sides on which the strands of yarn are. You will begin on top on the side of row 166 ( which will be your last made row on the pattern of the wrap ). You always start with the upside of the wrap towards you, so when you are a left-handed crocheter you will have to start on the right side of the wrap, for the right-handed crocheter you start on the left side of the wrap. ( I’ll hope i write this down the right way cause it can be confusing sometimes )

Here you can download the free pattern for the border :

Border pattern for Martin up North’s Nomad by Fate triangle wrap


What else to say about it ?…..the border pattern isn’t tested before published so if you encounter any errors or typos let me know and i can fix it.

I made the choice of putting up a border on two sides of the wrap, however if you like it all around you can do this by making instead of 2 stitches in the begin and end part of the border it up to 3 stitches and just continue working the pattern over row 166. As it is a simple and repeating border i think that will turn out fine. However, i didn’t test it or did it so if you do, let me know some details and i can feature this into a post or modification on the pattern in the future.


At last i want to give a big thanks again to Martin for let me co-operate on this creative journey. It was such a fun to do. And i hope you will enjoy adding your border to a wonderful wrap that you created in a 7 or 14 color combination. I hope there will be lots of different colored wraps in time and if you like to share your border please add your project on Ravelry on the border pattern page. You always can find the free patterns also on the free pattern page of my blog as many other fun, free things.

If you want to keep up with me or Martin’s adventures in the world of crochet, go follow Martin, all links to social media can be found on his blog. If you like to follow me please follow this blog or my Instagram account.


All copyrights to the original pattern of the “Nomad by Fate”wrap are to own by Martin from Martin up North.

All copyrights on the pattern of the border are owned by me “theguywiththehook” .

It would be nice if you refer Martin’s name or mine when using one of the patterns as a little thanks to our work we put in. Thanks in advance.


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