Free pattern : Crocheted Origami Cranes…


In the last blogpost i wrote i mentioned my story on folding Origami cranes. I also shared my idea and first prototype of turning the paper version of a crane into a crocheted version. I did had to change a few little things which would turn the crocheted crane into a version that would fit into my idea. I didn’t want to make a copy of any existing patterns on cranes already.

After some hard work and doing a lot of writing and taking tutorial photos it is done ! And I’m proud of  it. The pattern counts 15 pages full of instructions with photos included to clarify things a bit more. You can find the pattern on the free pattern page or just download it right here :

Crochet pattern for making a Origami crane


I made some examples in different colors and yarn types for the pattern which i will share :

  • Scheepjes Colour Crafter with a 4 mm hook ( green one )
  • Scheepjes Stonewashed with a 3,5 mm hook ( blue one )
  • Scheepjes Sugar Rush with a 1,5 mm hook ( pink one )
  • Schachenmayr Catania with a 2,5 mm hook ( brown one )
  • Opal sock yarn with a 2,5 mm hook ( light red one )

But for the crane you can take any kind of yarn you like with the suggested hook size the yarn goes along. I think it is a really cool pattern for using up some scrap yarns cause in most sizes i used about 5 – 10 grams of yarn. If you are a bit handy and a good pattern reader i think making a crane would take about 30 minutes or so.

Some additional information about the pattern :

  • i would not recommend this pattern to a beginning crocheter. Although the stitches used are really basic, the joining and putting it together may take some creativity and experience. But keep in mind that it will be always a handmade item.
  • i am a left-handed crocheter. So in the photos from the pattern it could be you see things a bit different when you’re a right-handed crocheter. I don’t think it is such a big deal but so you know when it does.
  • the pattern isn’t tested before releasing it. If you come across any errors or something is really wrong, just let me know and i will fix it.
  • when crochet cranes i came to the experience that cotton based yarns works better than acrylic yarns, however it is possible to work with. But the results can be different.

This pattern is free for use and so do with the finished project as you want. But keep in mind that the terms of use on copyright are active and i would really appreciate it when you feature my name or blog when you publish a finished project. If you would sell a finished item this is a rule. I hope you will enjoy this pattern and spread some love and luck by making this crane. Keep in mind the crane has a rich history which you can read on my Engimono page.

I would love to see some finished cranes, so you can of course share it on Ravelry. Tag it on the Ravelry project page or send me a message with a nice picture of it. When i have some i will feature a post about it. You can tag my Instagram account in your Instagram photo of your crane, in that way it will also come to my attention.



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