The “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap by Martin up North…

fullsizerender-13 This photo and all copyright and terms of use are owned by Martin from

Today i feature a design that isn’t my own, however i had something to do with it. But first things first, i want to make a huge thumbs up to fellow crocheter Martin ! He designed this wonderful pattern of the “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap and look at it. The color work is stunning. As he described himself he wanted to capture some northern lights in it and he did a great job doing it. Although some people had different ideas with these color shades ( which is fine cause using imagination is a great thing ) i think the setting and conditions of the timeframe this design is created, the northern lights suits it the best.

If you want any detailed information about the wrap visit Martin’s post about it and of course you can find the free pattern for making the wrap there also. But if you read the post you will discover at some point i had something to do with it also…..

As Martin describes in his post i was honoured to help on this quest of getting the pattern ready. I can’t say enough how grateful i was to cooperate on this thing with him. And there is more to come soon… Martin said, something with a border and working the pattern in a different way ??? What could he mean ???!!!

That mystery will be solved soon but for now let’s just enjoy this beauty of a pattern that is released today and give Martin a big thanks for designing this piece of art but also sharing this all for free. There goes a lot of time and effort in this kind of things and for that we only can praise every designer that shares its creativity with us.


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