The Trio Blanket is growing…


Between different other matters on the go right now i work on my Trio Blanket now and then when i have some free time left. It is a perfect project for moments like that cause when you figured out the pattern it is a really easy continues repeat. You can even watch your Netflix favourites or have a good conversation with it cause the pattern won’t ask many attention from you.

However the blanket is a long, long way cause you work over almost 3000 meters of yarn with 3 Scheepjes Whirl on the go. That is why i like to work on other things between it, it keeps this thing fun to work on once in a while. The fun thing about the Trio blanket is the color changes. When you pick three Whirl’s to join in the blanket you really can’t say what the colors combined will do. The true judgement to that lies in finishing it because the Whirls ar really smooth color changes.

With these Easter days and having some extra free days off i had some time again to work on it and it is so great to see the light blue is coming up from the Green Tea Tipple Whirl finally. Besides the Pistachio oh So Nice and the Caramel Core Blimley ( hope i wrote that down the right way ) it is fun to see a whole different color in it now. For now i think the trio combination works out fine when the idea in my head was making a blanket with lot of nature/earthy tones in it. It is a subtile and serene effect i think.

I’ll keep you updated about the progress of this project and if you are curious to make one yourself, visit the free pattern here on the blog of Felted Button of Susan Carlson.


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