the Joana Mandala…


Sometimes the things you make will stay the most precious ones through time. For me one of those things is the poof i created 2 years ago with the Joana Mandala pattern by Lilla Bjorn.

For this Pouf of 55 cm diameter i used stonewashed of Scheepjes. I used the pattern of the Joana’s mandala with the first eleven rows of the Joanna’s overlay border. Then i added three rows of dc’s around it. Made this twice and put it together with a mattras stitch on both last rows to combine them together.

The Stonewashed yarn really gives the poof a vintage look but it are also my favourite colors. It lies for a long time in my living room now but everyday when my view looks over the poof it makes me happy again.

For the Mandala pattern you can visit Lilla Bjorn’s Ravelry store . It is a pattern that will cost you a little fee but it’s worth it. I also bought the extension for it cause i needed it to extend it for the poof. But both patterns are used many times more in different projects is made. So i found it a good investment for the future. The poof i bought in a local textile shop, i guess all around the world are that kind of shops and so my advice would be to look around in your neighbourhood or just search the internet for it.


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