The Dia de los Muertos CAL page is now online…

The wait is over and we are going to kick off this mini-CAL today by introducing the guide to this CAL. A PDF file available in several languages to help you prepare before we start this CAL on October 4th 2020. In this introduction guide you will find all information about things like material use, yarn amounts and colors, stitch use, pattern notes and a test skull to crochet. To have all the information at one click away, from now on the Dia de los Muertos page is launced at my website.

This CAL page can be found in the menu of my website just as you see above. If you visit this page you’ll find all information and links to the CAL available at that time.

But it is also easy to follow the pattern on Ravelry. From now on the pattern page for the CAL is active on Ravelry and can be found here. If you add the free pattern page to your library on Ravelry you will receive an update everytime a new pattern part will be uploaded. For now, you can find the introduction guides in this Ravelry pattern page, but once we start in October you will receive every week a new part of the pattern according to the given timeline. I will send out updates in Ravelry so you know when it is there. Very easy and you will save it even for a later moment.

But if Ravelry is a difficult option, you just stick to this website. I will post the PDF files to download on my website as well and make announcements.

So far the pattern will be available in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Danish and Swedish. The Swedish introduction guide will be added a few days later due a delay. Enough said, I’m sure your dying to read the guide so if you click here you will get to the introduction page which holds the PDF’s for the introduction guides and even more information about shops that sells kits and some other important information I had to share. Enjoy it !


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of being able to crochet along with such a talented person. Sharing the love with Australia. 😷😍😍


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