A note before we continue the Dia de los Muertos CAL…

There is something I need to write down before we continue with the Dia de los Muertos CAL. It seems every time I try to host something, some people need to find the urge to start discussions or negative feed with whatever reason they can think off. And it bothers me very much ! So before we continue I feel the need to make some things clear. Don’t worry, no cancellation or message I quit, I have learned from the past and this times thing will be done differently.

So yesterday there was a pretty big discussion going on with some people who asked me to answer some question in public, as I own a public social account and show my work to the public. These questions were written in a pretty offensive way and they almost sounded like accusations. A bit later some things were already filled in without an answer from my side and so the discussion went on. out of my first reaction I typed a post towards this discussion with an answer in which I stated clearly that this is what I do and if you couldn’t agree with it you also could pass and move on without the urge to bother me any longer. As the discussion only got worse and worse I deleted my comment but it seems people like to screenshot all these days and I literally got overloaded with comments, private messages and even more accusations. End result was I closed down my Facebook page for a night to get this all down. Let me be very clear that I never will tolerate this any longer, I will explain and state some things :

  • There is the issue I take benefit from the Mexican culture and heritage without being a Mexican citizen or have any blood related family. Let me say to this – what is wrong with seeing a beautiful thing somewhere in the world taking place, which gives you the inspiration to crochet a design out of it ? Is there any harm in paying tribute to a cultural event in which I only speak off in respect and honor as a very positive and beautiful thing. Why there is a issue with it, cause when you are a tourist and you would be there when the Dia de los Muertos is happening, you can celebrate with the locals and just pay your respect as well without any problems.
  • Then there was a question if I have included some Mexican people into this design, otherwise it would be a shame and ignoring the whole culture with its people in it. First of all, my Spanish translator is from that area and the moment I showed this she said to me I did the right thing. On top of that many people who actually celebrate the Dia de los Muertos and are well-known with the rituals and day complimented me in the way I payed tribute with this design. So there is your answer. And even if this wasn’t the case, it is just an artistic way to express something from my point of view. I have never said or claimed to know every detail of this holiday which isn’t celebrated in my country.
  • Another thing named was the accusation I stole iconic images from this tradition. If I had only used empty skulls there would have been no problem. I really don’t see the point in this accousation. How can I steal something when it is already there. There are millions of companies and artist who use sugar skull images and all related to this subject. And come on guys, how far can you copy a thing out of yarn. It is not like I printed an image of the internet or something. That would mean a tattoo artist who puts a decorated skull on someone’s body with his needle would also steal a design. And fun fact, I don’t even ask a price for it.
  • Cause that was the most negative accusation also made. I was making good provid out of this cultural event. Well I said it last night and I say it once more. It is a FREE CAL. I don’t ask any fee for it. I am not sponsored and I payed my own yarn to make the example. I used weeks of time to design this, photograph this, take hundreds of photos so you all can crochet it along with me and write every detail down. When I name local stores the 28th which sells packs, I don’t get any commission from them as I said I don’t need it. And if you clever ones think I’ll benefit from all those visitors to my website to download parts – the pattern is put for free on Ravelry which delivers me nothing, and on my website there is a commercial view which delivers me most of the time around $2.00 a month. And those haters will probably still don’t believe this but let me be very clear in this fact.

I could go on as there are more things said last night and it hurts me again. The only thing I tried to do is crochet a design honoring and respecting a Mexican tradition. I do not own a name, culture or tradition and I can only try to attempt something that gives it the credit it deserves. Especially when you’re a outsider and only try to get it all done in a way it wouldn’t discredit the theme and people. I am not a million dollar company that tries to earn loads of money over a cultural event, in fact it only costs me loads of time in which I easily could have set to don’t host a free CAL and just put a price on this design.

Enough said about it, last thing I want to make clear how to go on after these questions and accusations. It is simple. We won’t repeat the past and so this CAL will take place, no matter how many boycotts, dislikes, comments or negative feed there will be. We are not gonna ruin a beautiful thing for many people by some people who clearly think these days you can drop whatever you like without thinking through what your words can do to someone or something. So, this is a warning, if it happens again I will block ,delete and remove everything negative I see or read. It is my CAL, my page, my social media. I do things in my way and I never obligated anyone to follow me or read my words. So if you can’t find yourself in what I do or write, just move on and spare me from that negativity. No one is going to demand me to answer questions in public as you are in no place to demand people. Let me once again be very clear, public comments, reactions or hateful things will be removed and blocked. If you continue this thing privately which again happened last night by many of you, I will make a report from this for a permanent block or removal. I’m sorry to have such a non-friendly and hard tone in my saying, but it seems the only way to keep up a peaceful environment on social media.

Last thing to say, I wish I didn’t have to write this down today. It again delivers an unpleasant feeling on my CAL and it feels like I can never host a thing without a group out there that needs to bully, hate and find reasons to shut you down. It seems part of the world these days but it spoils the fun also. I did see many of you defended me last night but it is sad enough there is a defence needed. So, from this point I do hope to bring out only happy thoughts and continue the Dia de lost Muertos with only joy and happiness. I deleted all negative feed of last night to have a clean slate. Thank you for reading this and see you on the 28th with the introduction details to this CAL and all information you need to know to join in.


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  1. The haters will hate. So hard to ignore, but about the only thing you can do. To ignore them will drive them crazy. While I won’t be joining in on this CAL (so many projects lined up), I wish you well and I’m sure it will be a major success! Sharon K.

    On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 7:54 AM the guy with the hook wrote:

    > the guy with the hook posted: ” There is something I need to write down > before we continue with the Dia de los Muertos CAL. It seems every time I > try to host something, some people need to find the urge to start > discussions or negative feed with whatever reason they can think off. ” >


  2. Once again I am so sorry that you have been put through this type of reaction to your wonderful CAL. I CANNOT believe that people would take the time to try to bring you down when you have such good intentions with all that you do. I am truly glad that you are going to continue with this CAL – THANK YOU !!!
    Take care and stay safe during these extremely trying times xox


  3. I’m so sorry you have had to go through all of this. It boggles my mind the things people say. Why can’t people just look at something & see the beauty in it?? I am intrigued by your work & hopefully will get to try one of your patterns in the future. Too many things going right now to start another!!! Keep doing what you’re doing you are amazing!!!!


  4. I really don’t understand why people have to be so negative so much of the time. I think all of your designs are fantastic, and even if there was one I didn’t like as much, I would keep that to myself because that’s the way I was brought up: treat others the way you would be treated yourself.


  5. I love this design, and in fact I think all of your designs are fantastic. Even if there was one that I didn’t like as much, I would keep it to myself because my Nan always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way – I am trying to be nice but I have a tendency to upset people when I get my words wrong. In short: keep up the excellent work 💜


  6. Stunning Design!! As always. So glad to receive your update and feel the fire in your spirit. It’s easy for people to get ugly when they are not facing you or looking you in the eyes. People such as that are simply not worth your notice let alone your time.
    Looking forward to the CAL. I have a niece this would be perfect for.
    Welcome back from an admiring hooker 😀


  7. Your Blog just made my day. It”s been a long time I hope this time to your self has given you the strength to just ignore the idiots in this world because soon they will find some else to hound I hope it”s me.


  8. I am Hispanic and have been looking forward to someone doing a dia de los muertos. I am so sad the people feel we must be rude to others. I love your designs and plan to continue following you! God bless you.


  9. I am so sorry. As a normal, well-educated, rational-thinking human being, I really cannot understand why people find it necessary to leave such a negative or offensive comment. Why? Do they feel any better afterwards?
    I think they have a low IQ and have non or limited empathic capabilities. They are certainly not representative of the general community. So please ignore these trolls and delete anything negative or offensive.
    I think you are a wonderful and very creative person and I love your designs. I hope crochet (or any hands craft) can make this world a better place. Love you


  10. Better to be consumed with love than the hatred so many folk online – everywhere – seem to suffer from. To have your whole being twisted with such thoughts and actions is very sad and debilitating and horrid for those it’s directed at. Most of us send love and support for your wonderful designs and for you.


  11. I am so sorry that you have all thus hassle when you create such gorgeous patterns for people to use. The professionally offended seem to look for things to kick off about. I see such work as a homage to the original culture and art is there to be appreciated.


  12. It’s sad that there are people who think they where cool to do this. It’s crochet and they may be happy that someone make a great call to do this. Now i read the mail and now i want to make it . Where can i find the call and pattern. I love this ( sorry for writing mistakes, I’m dutch and the dutch culture is going to fanish through this kind of people).
    So lets let me start this Call :D:D:D:D


  13. The minute I read your opening on this blog post, I knew what it would be about and I literally just found you ten minutes ago when a friend shared your spice marker design with me. Good for you, for standing up to the woke brigade. You’ve done nothing wrong.


  14. Political Correctness and the Crochet World! – all about the creation of a Japanese Kimono.


    After a discussion with my wife about “guy with a hook” who has been recently attacked for cultural appropriation,

    I then searched this article. At the bottom of the article is an interesting response from Tim.

    Also there is a pyramid starting with indifference and ending with white genocide. As a History teacher need I inform the lady who wrote the article in the USA that the Japanese in WW2 killed about 15 m Asian peoples and Stalin murdered around 30 million of his own people in the USSR?

    Perhaps I should have apologised to all Scots when I got married in a Kilt in Scotland!

    Political correctness has a very deliberate narrow view of History


  15. Hola, I am from Mexico, I just found out about this CAL and I love it! The color choice, the flower design and the skulls are just the prefect way to symbolize the Día de muertos. Thank you so so much for designing this beautiful Mandala that I will be making and putting in my ofrenda as a symbol of my culture! I hope you never stop creating beautiful art, Muchas Gracias,


  16. Dear Guy with the hook: I do not know you, but I love your work. I am hispanic. I am not Mexican. My husband is. We think your work is beautiful and sharing it with us, crochet enthusiasts around the world, for free is a very GENEROUS thing to do. This is by far the most challenging pattern I have followed, and the amount of work it has taken you to write each step out and take all the pictures and translate it and test it…. You have given us a GIFT and and a challenge, and I thank you.

    I see you and I hear you and I appreciate you. Our cultural richness is to be appreciated and shared. And you have never claimed this day to be your own or made a profit from it. You made it clear this is a Mexican Holiday and you were inspired by it.

    I send you love and light and I say CROCHET ON MY FRIEND!!
    Muchas Gracias!!


  17. I am happy to see you back. I’m nearly finished with the Spice Market CAL and will post pictures of my finished project.

    You lured me back to crochet from knitting with you colors and patterns and it pleases me to have you back, designing and sharing.

    As for the haters, it’s their loss; not yours. Keep creating beautiful things.

    You are making a positive difference in the world


  18. Although I have only today seen this, I will agree with those who have stood by you and your beautiful design. I would also say this…there are those whose only desire is to create discord.

    “All cruelty stems from weakness.” Seneca


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