The introduction of “Trinity”…


Time to write a new blog post after a while and to introduce something new. I have been working hard lately on new projects, but not all can’t be shown away yet. Some things i create are for a moment that still has to come and others like this new one called “Trinity” may be revealed when the time is right. So today i found the time to write a proper introduction to it as this pattern will be released in a short amount of time.

This ornament is on first look not a real headbreaker or higher math thing, however i found it a challenge to create it. As i wanted to capture the symbol of Trinity in it, i also wanted it to have a 3d-effect.


As the original Trinity symbol also have three “leaves” as  i call them, i wanted the combined center of this symbol pop out of the pattern. And it did ! i really love how this pattern turned out not a flat one or just a simple three-pointed thing. But let’s take a closer look to what the Trinity symbol exactly means. As the symbol has a Celtic history it is full of meaning and reasons.

The Celts have a few different knots which resemble the triquetra ( trinity ). They have some intersecting meanings but each has its own purpose; its own base symbolism.

In Latin, triquetra means “three cornered”.

This symbol is also called the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle. Three interlocked loops, creating the intersection of three circles. There is no beginning and no end to the knotwork. That’s why the Trinity most of the time stands for Infinity or Eternal Life.

The tree “leaves” stands for a lot of different triple-combinations. Like the Christians believe it stands for the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. But we have so much more of these combinations :

  • mind, body, soul (spirit)
  • maiden, mother, crone
  • past, present, future
  • thought, feeling, emotion
  • creation, preservation, destruction
  • earth, air, water – three forces of nature
  • life, death, rebirth

The simple fact is this: no one can 100% know who created the triquetra, when, or for what purpose. We can’t even know for a surety what it meant to them.

Some Christian faiths claim that their monks created the triquetra to try to convert the Celts to Christianity.

The Celts claim to have created it themselves, for their own purposes. They also claim that the Christians of that time used it to their advantage, to try to make them see things their way.

Archeological digs are adding more insight into this mystery. Like the ones in Europe where the triquetra was carved into stones that dated back to 1,000 AD. The triquetra has been found carved onto rune stones in Europe and on German currency. Also, the triquetra is mentioned in the “Book of Kell”, created by the Scotts around 800 AD.

So when i discovered these facts i was sure this new pattern had to be “Trinity”. It can stand for a lot of things and i just love the ideas behind the symbol. It doesn’t harm anyone and you can fit your own belief to it.

Then there was color picking. Of course the one thing that popped into my mind was green. Everyone associates Celtic, Irish stuff with green. And when i did a little social media post on the picked colors i did see it confirmed in the comments. But as not everyone loves green, i picked another colorway for my testers. As autumn is approaching us i thought a lovely pumpkin version would also be great.


For the green version i took Cotton 8 by Scheepjes Yarns. I really love this yarn, although i had never worked with it. It is a premium cotton but with a less more shiny appearance then most mercerized cotton types.

file-9 (1)

To make a more autumn look i chose the Colour Crafter from Scheepjes Yarns, which has a lovely woolen look, but actually it is a 100 % acrylic yarn. This is the version my testers work with.

Of course I’m not gonna show off the entire pattern as this is only an introduction and because the simple fact it isn’t finished yet. However i can give away a  little hint here. As the ornament’s will be combined, the trinity symbols will even return in the joining sections which makes the circle complete right ?

As you did see how an ornament turns out in the green Cotton 8 version, here is a first, combined look of 7 ornaments in the pumpkin look with Colour Crafter.


Here you see the Trinity mark comes back in the open joining area’s right ? Well that’s all for now. If i awakened your interest with this post on this new design, please keep following this journey and keep following my social media where i most of the time post pictures of new things rather sooner than writing a proper blog post to it. You can find all links to them on the visiting page of my blog.



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