The colors for the Icelandic Terrazzo…


Today i will put up the first schedules for the Terrazzo I’m working on. As it soon will be released as a finished project i think today is a good day to start with revealing the color use for the five terrazzo blocks i designed. You can see them featured in earlier posts on this blog. As i wanted to capture the colors of Iceland in it, which background story you can also read in the post about the introduction of the terrazzo, there are five color combo’s to describe.

But first things first….i used for this project the wonderful Scheepjes Catona. I picked out a wide arrangement of colors so don’t be scared off by the amount of colors you will have to use to achieve my end result. Feel free to add or remove colors as you like. I just wrote down the way i done it.

In the whole pattern there is one main colour used, as you can guess i mean Black. This is color A in my description and you will use it in every square. It is color 110 Jet Black.

You use color A for rows 2,4,6,8,10,12 and 14 when working the terrazzo square pattern.

The other rows i divided in 4 other colors which results in :

  • row 1 and 3 use color B
  • row 5 and 7 use color C
  • row 9 and 11 use color D
  • row 13 use color E

Now i shall write down on which square, which color shades are used for B, C, D , E.


Square 1 : Icelandic Geysers :

  • color A : 110 Jet Black
  • color B : 173 bluebell
  • color C : 385 crystalline
  • color D : 397 Cyan
  • color E : 510 Sky Blue


Square 2 : Snowy Rocks :

  • color A : 110 Jet Black
  • color B : 106 snow-white
  • color C : 130 Old Lace
  • color D : 505 Linen
  • color E : 406 soft Beige


Square 3 : Northern Lights :

  • color A : 110 Jet Black
  • color B : 248 Champagne
  • color C : 392 lime juice
  • color D : 212 sage
  • color E : 515 Emerald


Square 4 : Northern Woodlands :

  • color A : 110 Jet Black
  • color B : 402 silver green
  • color C : 528 silver blue
  • color D : 391 deep ocean green
  • color E : 525 fir


Square 5 : Deep Blue Ocean :

  • color A : 110 Jet Black
  • color B : 384 powder blue
  • color C : 261 Capri blue
  • color D : 201 electric blue
  • color E : 527 midnight


These are the Catona colors used in the squares. Just use them in the rows i described and it will turn out as the examples. A good yarn usage i can’t give right now as i am still working on it but i can say you need 1 skein of all the B, D, C, and E colours. The A Colour will end up to 6 or 7 skeins. The final results will be in the modification pattern i will write down. So don’t worry, all info will be also in a nice PDF as this colour choices also. But if you like to start here is your first go.

As i was playing with the color choices for the squares i made a few examples up. Now in the end they are leftovers. But you can use them really good by using two of them as a needle cushion. Just lay two squares to each other and crochet them together on the sides until one side is left. Fill it up with fiber and crochet further on til it is closed. Take a button and a thread, sew it through the middle and tie it up on the backside. Really easy but so nice !



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