Mandala Madness with a Whirl…


Last year the Scheepjes Whirl’s were introduced to the world. At the time the launch was there, there were no projects at all made with them. The weekend they were for sale in the yarnshops i immediately bought two of them. The Pistachio o so Nice was the first color i choose to work with. But what to do with it ? I came across the Mandala Madness pattern from Helen Shrimpton which just ended that time and instead of using several colors for the pattern i thought it would maybe work out fine to use a Whirl for that.

Soon after i started i turned out it worked out more than fine ! The color changes were smooth and almost the whole pattern can be crocheted throughout without fasten off some yarn. Just a few rows require that. In less than 20 days i made the mandala with using the whole Whirl in it. I could make it up to round 55 with the Whirl and here is the result :


The pattern for the Mandala Madness can be found here. The Scheepjes Whirl’s can be found in many colors and stores along Europe at this time. For the pattern is used a 3 mm crochet hook and i blocked the project after i was finished. For more info check my Ravelry page. The link is on the header on the top of the front page of my blog.


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    1. Well as the goal was to just use a total Scheepjes Whirl for this project you wont be able to finish an entire mandala madness. So thats why i dont have a total mandala madness from it. But is was not my goal to make a total version as i really like using a whirl for it and use it as a smaller version for doily or wall hanging.


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