Crochet Salvador Dali…


Note : I do not own any copyright to the image of Salvador Dali or the inspiration pic this design is based on.

It is time to present the Salvador Dali portrait out of yarn. It was again a amazing experiece to make this. The first time i started making graphghans was last year where i tried to capture Freddie Mercury. This turned out so well that i wanted to create some more of them with iconic persons. First i took Frida Kahlo as a next portrait and took some cotton yarns. But halfway through i realized it totally didn’t look the way i wanted it to be. And so i decided to frog the whole piece and take a different approach. And as last time i created a singer, this time i wanted it to be artist/painter. So Salvador Dali was absolutely number one on my to do list. His intensive look and his iconic mustache are so well known, even these days as masks are made out of it.file9-18

But another important thing for me to do graphghans is it sorts my mind. In times i feel stressed or burned up, these kind of patterns are so nice to crochet. Just rows of single crochets and some colorchanging are for me a meditative way of using my creativity to get back to a stable point of life. Of course you have to get into the technique for it, but once you get the hang of it is becomes really easy and you just do. Saying that…if you like too see a bit more about the graphghan technique, i also made pdf file here on my blog which you can look up.


And Salvador Dali is such a great inspiration for me. His art contains a lot of bizarre and unrealistic images which always give me the feeling it is some kind of a imaginary world. Yet his art is well known and loved for this and a small thing i learned out of it as that when taking inspiration for a pattern these days often have a theme that is more unrealistic. People love themes and subjects that are known, but cannot be measured op to a real concept.


I actually started this design with the intention to not create a crochet pattern out of it. But when i showed the first progress of it, it rains pattern requests in the comment sections. So i thought about it and decided to write one. However, i only keep a English version this time as these patterns are not for a larger audience. It cost a lot of time to adjust and fill in charts and write it down, so it would be also a waist to just use it for myself right ?


Now some practical information about the pattern :

The pattern is a PDF file in English with US terms. It holds a explanation how to do this, the charts for this pattern and a written version. The pattern is available only in English as it is such a specific pattern for a select group of interested crafters. So there will be no other languages in the future.

Some details about the pattern :

– a crochet hook size 4.0 mm is needed.
– you need 350 grams of DK yarn ( Scheepjes Colour Crafter is used ), however the amounts taken may be a bit more the you need but as you will have a lot of ends and small balls it is always nice to have some extra with this.
– finished size of the pattern will be 60 x 65 cm / 23,5 x 25,5 inches.
– the pattern only contains single crochets and chains.

The pattern is now available on the usual places. You can find it in my Ravelry store or my Etsy store.




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