A crochet tribute to Freddie…


When times in life are hard and dark you search for thing that enlighten your soul or body. As I have been a fan for years of Freddie Mercury/Queen i already knew most of their music very well. Strangely the last couple of months i started to listen more and more to these guys. It felt like Freddie was singing to me when i was in a deep and dark place and it looked like he exactly knew the feeling i had that moment. Maybe it is the lyrics of their songs, or it is the voice that gave the comfort i need at those moments. What i do know is that i always have taken Freddie as one of my greatest inspirations in life. And with that i really don’t mean the bad habits he had ( which of course also are part of a human being ), but most of all his creativity, mindset and his confidence to the world. He wasn’t afraid to be different, to show off what he had in mind and he dared to break traditions or old standards. In that way i feel very connected to this man and i wished so many times i just had one moment to see or talk to him again. I’m sure most of us who loved Freddie wished he still was here among us and how would he have looked today?  How would he have been ? Questions no one can answer anymore…


As I am not that old i feel a bit sad i never had the opportunity to watch Queen become legends and experience the music of Queen back in the days. Feel the excitement of a Live Aid and sit by the television or radio hearing them perform. I feel we don’t have that kind of large bands or artists anymore these days. And if we do they connect so easy through internet and socials, where a rock band like Queen had so much harder ways to get the larger audience their attention. Of course a man like Freddie was eventually noticed in what way as he had such a special kind of vibe around him. But the most beautiful thing about him is that he is as much alive today although he is not here. The youth still know who Queen is and was and with the making of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” i think this has only grown even more massive. But in the end….the most special to me is the songs that are there. Sometimes the lyrics seems to be written on my life or the words feel like a soft blanket around me. One of the most precious songs to me are “Too much love will kill you” and “The Show must go on” . But i think everyone has its own favourites.

Anyway….now I feel much better i had a strong feeling i wanted to make something which involved Freddie. And i just wanted to make something for me, a personal project just as creative way of expressing myself. So i started. And i wanted it to be colorful as Freddie was a person full of color. And soon a beginning was born.


When I posted this picture to my socials i didn’t tell anyone who it had to be. I just gave some directions with the attributes i included in the picture. There was just one person who guessed it right and all other answers we’re really fun to read. The most funny ideas came out which i really loved reading. But i worked on and on til the famous mustache was there.


With this picture shown most of you already recognized that it would become Freddy. And what a comments, likes, reactions etc. I did get from all of you on this. But more surprising was the huge amount of questions to make this a pattern. I really had no intention or any notes made to let this become a pattern…but as you all asked so much i started working on it. It has been a huge task to do as i had to draw out the charts, but also to write down all the rows color by color. The crocheting itself does make this pattern not so hard, or actually any graphghan you would make. The advanced level is more in changing colors and some tips and tricks you need to know for this. So i also have written down in the pattern all things related to this, but i felt it might be a good idea to share this information for anyone who wants to make a graphghan. So here is a little file for it :

graphghan tips and tricks

Although it was a lot of work, I’m so happy with the end result of Freddie. When it is hanging here in my bedroom at home it seems he follows me wherever i go or he looks at me with his naughty smile…likes he want to say : “Cheer up darling ! Life is way too short to be depressed !” So i’m glad i did this.


Well and now some more information about the pattern. First of all, i do not own any rights to the image of Freddie. I only hold copyright on the pattern as this is from my hand. The way Freddie’s picture is used is just an artistic and creative way towards him as a tribute.

Okay, here is some general information about the pattern :

It is crocheted with hooksize 4,0mm

You need 15 colors of yarn to make it. I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter but of course any other type in this range would be fine. In the pattern you’ll find the details which colors i used for my version, and here are the amounts needed :

1 ( black ) 50 grams
2 ( yellow ) 30 grams
3 ( orange ) 5 grams
4 ( dark blue ) 15 grams
5 ( light blue ) 15 grams
6 ( dark purple) 25 grams
7 ( white ) 10 grams
8 ( red ) 30 grams
9 ( dark pink ) 30 grams
10 ( denim blue ) 10 grams
11 ( light pink ) 35 grams
12 ( light green ) 20 grams
13 ( dark green ) 15 grams
14 ( base color ) 110 grams
15 ( light purple ) 15 grams

The finished size of the project is : 50 cm ( 19,6 inches ) length x 60 cm ( 23,6 inches ) width
However this is the size with a tight tension. Out of the test samples was a conclusion that when you have a loose tension on your work it might become bigger up to 10 cm ( 4 inches ) on both sides.

Stitch use in the pattern is very simple as you only use sc’s, However the color changing can be a little advanced, but for that read the pattern or my little tips and tricks file which you find in this post.

The original pattern is written in English ( US crochet terms ) and there is also a Dutch version available.

When you purchase the pattern you will find more files to download. There is the written pattern file in the language you wish for, but there is another file which contains the charts. Please download them both as they belong together.

I made a separate file for the charts cause when you print them it is easier to adjust the size or paper format for them instead of doing this to the entire pattern.

If you don’t like working with a chart, the whole pattern is also written down in colors. For example a Row could be described like this :

Row 10 : 5SC in base color, 31SC in dark purple, 6SC in dark blue, 10SC in black, 9SC in light purple, 1SC in light purple, 10SC in black, 11SC in yellow, 2SC in orange, 15SC in base color, turn.

You work in colors all the time and change them between parts. But as I said all is explained in the pattern.


Of course this pattern can be purchased in my Ravelry or  Etsy shop.   I ask a little fee for this pattern as it really cost me a lot of time and effort to make this. So I hope you can understand it. It is not because i want to earn money over Freddie’s fame, but more a payment to the work i did to create this. Thanks in advance for understanding !



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