The guy who rediscovered his hook…


Another week is behind us and a new one full of adventures is ahead of us. The time seems to be passing by in such a hasty rhythm that sometimes it is hard to keep track of it. I’m glad each day I take a little moment to realize what that day brought and what happened. Call it meditation or just a moment of silence…but i think a moment everyone needs in this world where nothing seems to stop for a moment.

Gladly I can say i had a good week. Of course there are ups and downs as i explained in last weeks post…but there were less of them this week so it gets easier to overcome them in a moment. Sure there are hard moments when decisions need to be made or there is a talk about issues that still upset me. But i notice things get a bit lighter and easier to name and they don’t become ghosts hunting in my head. Of course there are some things that help me with like the winter that has finally arrived in the Netherlands. Sure the cold is not really nice but i just love the weathertype of frozen grass and a bright shining sun all day. And snow has been forecast so a white world awaits next week.Looking out the window or take a walk through the woods gives so much energy when this season is up at its best.

But there is another thing that really helps me getting back in shape. Last week someone told me it was my age…as I’m not that old my body and mind is more flexible to overcome things like depression. It takes its lesson and bends in a way you can work over it faster than someone who is in a much further phase of life and already has some baggage to carry along in life. And I belief that is true. But it doesn’t mean that is always the case as i also belief you carry a bit of this with you for the rest of your life. And it makes you more vulnerable for events that will happen in the future. And i prepare myself even now already that this might come back by time. Because when time and circumstance are badly not at your side it will draw you back under water. But i also don’t worry too much about the future as living in the present is more important for now. Time will learn us.

But….that was actually not the other thing that helped me last week. No….it was a more common thing which I desperately try to find back over last weeks. My crochet hook and my fun in crocheting. It has cost me literally days to get back to it. If i took my crochet hook up the sweat was on my back and crocheting was hard. But practice each day a few moments has earned me something. Last weekend i finally noticed things were going easy again and as i knew in my head the knowledge was there, i’m glad my hands found it back. Maybe if you read this it sounds a bit weird but it is really weird when you’re getting at a point your body says : i don’t work along anymore, it is strange to even see things you did for years looks like you never did them. You really have to reinvent yourself.

The process to that is really not easy but while writing this i can finally say i can crochet again ! : ) As i told in last weeks post i had picked up a pattern i designed last year which might be a big one, i have picked up that one for real now. And it gives me so much fun to see this grow and become something i had in mind for a long time. But it also feels like a meditative way of working on this one as the theme of this projects holds so much of what suits me right at the moment. I’m not gonna say more about it as i first want to finish it in a relaxing way without any pressure, i want my testers to give the time to test it in a good and decent way and then i will release more of it. But here is a little sneak peek of the centre of it. Although there is not much too see you’ll get an idea what is on the hook.


And of course I must not forget to mention another important crochet issue. My dear, dear friend Johanna from Mijocrochet did write a new blog post last week and it involves one of my patterns. If your on the social media you might have seen it already but i just need to tell this one more time. She did an amazing job to the Solstice pattern i designed last year. The original pattern looked like this :

unnamed (1)

But as Johanna was translating the Swedish version of it she came up with a great idea. The centre of the Solstice is actually a great pattern to use for trivets. And so she created some Solstice trivets with the pattern. She used some simple trivets from Ikea which really are not that expensive and she wrote down a clear and good way how she have done it. Please visit her blogpost  if you like to see how she does it. The Solstice pattern is of course for sale in my Etsy shop and Ravelry store which links you’ll find in the bar at the top of this blog. She made these amazing results with her lovely idea and i can’t thank her enough for this idea. I love how collaborations between crocheters are born like this. It should happen more often don’t you think ?


And for now that’s all my news this week. Another week to face but if it goes like the last one I’m a really happy person for now. Life never can be perfect and with the right amount of rules and lessons to apply I can find my way through life for now, working on some background issues for myself. But it feels good life is getting a bit back on track and the “normal”things are getting back in place. It also gives some peace to know you are able to fulfill some regular activities again…although i still keep away from a lot of social interactions, festivities and other stuff just to prevent myself from going to fast on this. And i think that is the most important lesson to maintain for now, using an imaginary brake to prevend taking too much speed.

Happy hooking all and I hope life treats you well this week !


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  1. Glad you had a good week! It also snowed this week where I live in Iowa, USA and finally feels like winter. Whatever you’re crocheting looks interesting – would like to hear more about your creative process. Do you keep a crochet journal? Do you have an idea before you start a project or make it up as you go along?


    1. Yes most of the time i pick a theme before i start designing. Once i have it i just crochet along and see what happens. I have a notebook in which i write everything down i do or make round by round or row by row.


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