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Here is the Sea Breeze blanket, a nice throw that would be perfect in my idea to use when you visit the beach, or maybe a picnic in the woods. It is a thick and really textured throw which has a summer and sea theme in it. But with a small change of colors i could imagine this blanket to be a cosy one in front of the fireplace while it is a cold and dark winter. Anyway, to use in many ways and the pattern is really easy. Just see how the stitches work and when you get it, just lay down, put on your Netflix or some good music and crochet along. It is made with Scheepjes Cahlista which is a really nice cotton that is perfect for this kind of projects. I think it also have a good price as it is not to expensive as a thicker yarn when you need a large amount of it.  But of course you can also choose any other kind of yarn, i think an acrylic yarn type like Scheepjes Colour Crafter or Stylecraft DK would also be perfect for this.

How i came up with this project idea ? Well if you look closely to the textures in this blanket they are very similar to fair isle patterns which are used in socks, sweaters and mittens. I have knitted fair isle patterns for several years and i thought it would be a nice idea to bring a cross-over to crocheting. The blanket contains four different designs and i started with the diamonds :


After that i made the second part which are just basically stripes but with a nice 3d-effect on them.

unnamed (7)

The center part i called Echo crosses, I really loved how this part turned out as they really are the eye-catcher of the blanket. ( which is great as it is the centerpart )

unnamed (6)

The fourth design was a repeat of the stripes pattern but i thought it was a fun idea to reverse them.

unnamed (5)

A really fun thing about this blanket is that you don’t have to weave in any ends. Just cut them and leave them as they are. It is so nice to not spend hours working away hundred of ends.

And now some general information about the blanket :

A crochet hook size 5,0 mm is needed.

I used Scheepjes Cahlista which comes in skeins of 50 grams with a length of 85 meters. Of course you can use any yarn type or brand for this pattern. So feel free to do as you like.

For this blanket is used :

Color A : 425 grams of 106 Snowwhite ( 9 skeins )

Color B : 30 grams of 509 Baby Blue ( 1 skein )

Color C : 50 grams of 385 Chrystaline ( 1 skein )

Color D : 35 grams of 253 Tropic ( 1 skein )

Color E : 30 grams of 514 Jade ( 1 skein )

Color F : 15 grams of 401 Dark Teal ( 1 skein )

Color G : 15 grams of 392 Lime Juice ( 1 skein )

Color H : 30 grams of 513 Apple Granny ( 1 skein )

Color I : 20 grams of 389 Apple Green ( 1 skein )

Color J : 35 grams of 515 Emerald ( 1 skein )

Color K : 20 grams of 391 Deep ocean Green ( 1 skein )

Stitch use in this blanket are really basic ones and belong to the random crochet terminology.

The finished size of the blanket will be : 105 cm x 80 cm / 41,3 inches x 31,4 inches

But making the blanket bigger or wider is so easy ! The pattern tells you how to do it and as it are all individual parts this is very easy. You even could use only one part out of the blanket.

An important note to mention is that the pattern is only tested by myself. If you may encounter any problems or mistakes while working with it, please contact me so we can work it out.

Here is the link to download the pattern :

sea breeze blanket crochet pattern – English

small errata detected at 05-07-19. In the diamonds part Row 12 we’re 3 sc’s at the end of the Row after the repeats missing. Pattern updated after this date.

Er is nu ook een Nederlandse versie beschikbaar van dit patroon welke is vertaald door Guanita de Haas – Höngens :

Sea Breeze deken haakpatroon

As an upcoming pattern designer i use a lot of time, effort and yarn into my designs. Besides that there goes a lot of my free time communicating with testers, questions and of course reacting to all your lovely comments. So for the latest designs i made, i asked a small amount of money to make this all possible. However, i do understand that not everyone has a lot of money and without people who like what i do, i can design anything but it would never find any users.

So here is a thank you from me as a designer to you ! Once in a while i give a pattern away for free ! Just my way to say thank you for following me, like my projects, give me such positive comments or just making my patterns.

However….if you would like to sponsor my work and provide in this way more free patterns in the future, you can buy me a cup of coffee to make it so much easier to do this !


All copyrights and terms of use are with me. So please do not copy, share or take advantage of this pattern even if it is a free one. If noted, legal actions are taken by the designer.

Feel free to sell made items out of this pattern. I would love if you tag or make a reference to me as a designer when showing your wip’s or finished projects. Please use the #seabreezeblanket on social media to share this pattern all in one simple search.And if you have made something with my pattern please feel free to add it to the projects page on Ravelry.

Last but not least, thank you so much for making this pattern. A lot of effort, time and
creativity are in this little piece of art and every single thing that comes out of it makes it all the work so worth it.

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  1. Hi,
    I am mimi from Malaysia.
    I have a small group of crochet lovers and I usually organize crochet along among our members for free. The intention is just to crochet and finish a project together.

    I wonder… If I could use your Sea Breeze Blanket pattern for future group CAL. But I will have to translate it to Bahasa Melayu for their reference and maybe need to make a video tutorial to guide them (which I usually does).

    If you wish to see some of our projects feel free to visit us and my instagram “The Urey”.

    Love all your designs and I bought the medina tiles pattern. Waiting for my yarn supply and will kick start the project for my mom’s birthday gift. 😄.




    1. Hi Mimi,

      As this is a free pattern it is totally fine ! So feel free to use it in that way. Would love too see this going in the future. Of course translation and videos are fine as again it is a free pattern. So no worries there. I will definitely pay a visit to the facebook group and your instagram as well !


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