A Spicy donation to Australia…

Again thank you all for the massive response and kindness you have shown me. What a rollercoaster of a week it was ! I’m glad some rest and calm has returned to my life and I intend to keep this for a while. Picking up my hook will definitely be one of the things I... Lees verder →

The day after…

Although I was planning on a little break from the media, I feel I need to say something and add some details to the entire CAL cancelation statement. It almost feels scared to write down some words as it feels the whole world is watching me at the moment. So here we go. First of... Lees verder →

Official CAL statement

This is a official CAL statement regarding the cancelation of this crochet-a -long project. In this statement I will give some explanation about this decision and how things will continue for everyone who already purchased something or was waiting to start with this CAL. Let's start by explaining why I came to this decision in... Lees verder →

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