Requests for commissions, meets-and-greets, and workshops…

I often receive some requests for commission work for yarn stores, magazines, books, and yarn companies. I feel flattered and for sure am honored that people even find my work good enough to pay for it, still, I have to make sure I won’t take any commission work for the next months – or even years. The time and effort I put into my own designs are very time-consuming. To be able to come up with new things, I don’t want to be distracted by commission work and having my work at third parties. It also makes it harder for the crocheters out there to find and get my work.

This same idea goes for workshops and meets and greets. Since my book Journey came out, the list of shops who want to book me for a meet and greet or workshop in their store is long. Please take note, that I won’t be giving any of these for the same reason. My time is precious and if I start doing these things – it would affect my designing part and personal life.

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