Languages, charts and videos…

I decided to add a small information page about three important subjects which all have too do with the work I do and post. These three subjects deliver questions all the time, so why not tackle that problem by giving you some general information on a forehand too read.

Languages :

I am a Dutch citizen and born in the Netherlands. It means my native language is and will be Dutch. Still, I almost write and work in English (US) all the time as my pattern work is accepted all over the world. For this reason, I decided to write in English mostly – or the subject must have a purpose that suits the Dutch people only. As English isn’t my native language, the grammatical I write is far from perfect. So, yes, I am aware, and I am working hard on improving that over time. But it can happen things on my website or in my patterns are written down in a way that isn’t perfect for those who have English as a native language. And yes, there is a lot of help from people who check this and re-write patterns. So, it will get better.

When speaking about other languages for example German or Swedish, those are all done by translators and I fully trust the people who work on these translations.

Charts :

Many times people ask if there are charts with my patterns. Well, some have them, and some don’t. It depends on the difficulty of the pattern to make and draw them. I will always tell it at the general information of a pattern if you can expect a chart or not. As this is a job on its own to be a graphic designer and draw the most amazing diagrams, I don’t have the experience and time to learn this for now. Simple charts I can provide, and I always will. Besides that, I am not a big fan of charts because they are easy to copy and share on websites like Pinterest, etc., without any permission from my side.

Videos :

Another question is if I can make videos of my patterns as it is easier to follow for some of you. I understand it is so much easier, and even I sometimes look up a video to learn a thing or two. As a left-handed crocheter, I have some issues I have to deal with in crochet life. Like all my photo work in the patterns is mirrored and needs to be adjusted. The same goes for video work. But video work isn’t that easy to reflect on and will result in videos many of you wouldn’t even understand or find it clear to follow. So, I’m sorry, but it isn’t an option. And letting someone else make video tutorials on my patterns isn’t an option due to the copyright policies and provide systems many channels offer.

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