Final Sale at the Guy with the Hook Shop is starting now…

A new year brings new goals to achieve and steps to be taken. One main goal for this year is to finally get some peace of mind. This takes some serious actions to take and to protect me from losing the last, few sparks of joy. These actions involve personal decisions which no one will even notice, others are more business-related – which many of you will notice for sure.

To start with some business-related decisions, I have decided to stop selling yarn kits for my patterns and all merchandise-related items. As I am a single man company, working a day-job besides it – it is too much to handle and it takes the precious spare time away. Spare time I hardly need to relax and put into designing new things. This is the first step to be taken on a business level. It doesn’t mean the shop will disappear, the digital patterns and donations deals will stay. And…I am working on a new project which would prevent copyright stealing and it would give the shop a new purpose.

So, take a look at the shop and see if there is anything fun and cheap to get for you. Mostly, there are Scheepjes yarns to get for over 50% discount. Notice that normally Scheepjes yarns are not sold any cheaper as there are price rules for selling them globally. This is a one-time event and will not return. It is only meant to clear the stocking out of our warehouse, so we can develop and continue.

!!!! For everyone who has already placed an order from the sale – which is sent as parcel post, pay attention! Due to a huge amount of orders, all packages leave a little later than planned. Although you already receive a track and trace code for your package, it will only be processed on Thursday 13 January via Post NL. This is partly because Post NL is very busy due to the lockdown in our country. For the Netherlands, this means that all packages will be offered for the first time on Friday 14 January. !!!!

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