The Guy with the Hook shop opening soon…

A while ago, I mentioned this year would be a year full of surprises and new things evolving in a good way. A dozen times, I would write up a post soon to tell you all about the first big step coming up on my social media. Well, here it is!

For a few years now, many of you are familiar with my work or me as a person, know where my patterns can be found on Ravelry and Etsy. The two mainstream websites offer things like crochet or knitting patterns. But lately, I noticed these two deliver some inconvenience. Ravelry started to provide some resistance to people by changing up many things. And honestly, I don’t have an opinion about it, and I don’t want to have one as, for me, it is just one of the most prominent online places for us crafters. However, I have seen many statements about closing up Ravelry accounts or some people who didn’t want to use it anymore. Then there is Etsy. For many Dutchies, a good solution as they offer a payment option called “Ideal.” But I have numerous issues with Etsy as a shop owner. I have been accused and had different complaints by other shop owners that I would overrule their listings just because they are more popular. That is one thing…but a second is the technical issues are more annoying. Customers often can’t download their purchased patterns, failed payments, and wrong purchases due to the technical installations are each day an extra job to take care of. Of course, I’ll take care of these problems with pleasure, but they shouldn’t happen in the first place.

So, the idea of starting a new place where all these things would be tackled was born a few months ago. And so I began building an own webshop over the last months. And guess what? It is almost finished. The Guy with the Hook shop is nearly ready to open doors, and from that moment, there will be my place where you can buy all my digital patterns, crochet kits for my designs, and the most amazing Scheepjes yarns. There will be many payment options for all kinds of customers, and the whole shop will be in Dutch- as well in English available. I am so excited !!! Months of work will be out there in a few days. And…this is only step 1. As you will see, this huge step forward was necessary for others things coming up over the following months.

What does this mean for the future? Ravelry will stay as it is and be updated with new patterns. As many people who still use this platform have a library, let’s keep it this way. However, Etsy will be closed off eventually. My Etsy shop will not be updated with new patterns from this moment on, and I will keep it open for another few months. But the plan is to close it by the end of the year. As I can offer a similar place with even more options than Etsy offers, it will be the most logical thing to do. And I promise, my download system will work much better.

Are you just as thrilled as I am ? Keep an eye out on my social media and here in the next days to don’t miss the kick-off !

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  1. Hurrah! What a positive way to tackle the “inconveniences” and being proactive for your clients. Thank you for your ingenuity, your creativity and your positivity.

    Warmest regards,
    Carol B


  2. Wonderful news. Lots of hard work involved and I applaud you for moving forward. I am a ravelry fan but enjoy working directly with the artist! So this is a win win … I look forward to seeing the shop …. And OBTW – I love the new graphic/script


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