The “Reykjavic” Terrazzo tablerunner pattern…


A little while ago i did get a request from a really sweet and lovely lady who lives in Iceland. Her name is  Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar and she is a very experienced and talented designer who in her own country has already a standing career with it. She designed books full of patterns and most of them include some mosaic crochet. But until a little while ago they were only available in Icelandic. She decided to start with translating them to English and with that process she hopes to finally cross the borders of Iceland and let her patterns all over the world be made by so many people.

The request Tinna gave me was to work with one of her latest patterns called the Terrazzo afghan and the Mosaic Purses. She hoped by giving me this job her pattern would even get a little more known around crochet world. And now a few weeks later it did ! We both couldn’t imagine the big response we both would get on the patterns. Even the Dutch yarn supplier Scheepjes picked our feeds up. The Terrazzo was my head project, but in the meantime i also worked on modifying her Mosaic Purses into a mosaic pillow. You can see the results of that in the blogpost about it.




When i started on thinking what i would do with the Terrazzo the first thing i decided was to make a smaller version. Due personal reasons i did not have the time to work on a big afghan so the choice came up to 25 squares for a nice tablerunner.

I discussed with Tinna some things about the colors. I asked her if she had favourites, if she wanted to see some prefered colors…..and here answer was : “go crazy and do whatever you feel is right”.  So i directly came up with the idea of capturing the colors of Iceland in it as it is Tinna’s home country and i related a lot to myself as i traveled through this wonderworld of nature a few years ago. So i started with nature themes that would fit Iceland and so the five squares were born as : Icelandic Geysers, the northern woodlands, snowy rocks, the deep blue sea and the northern lights. All the background story of each can be read in the blog posts i made of them.

After i made up the five colorways i would use i start combining them as an example. At that moment when i showed the first progress on this on my Instagram page it all get a real boost. Lots of crochet channels picked it up and shared the progress and there was all the attention Tinna deserved so much.


And here after three weeks of crocheting, thinking and writing down stuff it is finally finished ! The result is above my imagination actually. When this beautiful tablerunner hits the sun it glows up like it is on fire, when the night falls it looks like the tiles are starting to glow like fireflies in the night. Actually it relates a lot to the northern lights effect.

After all the credits fully go to Tinna with her amazing pattern. She is the one who designed it and owns the pattern, i just worked with it. Thats why i included the Terrazzo name in the title of this tablerunner. But i thought as it has a Icelandic theme this runner would fit a title as “Reykjavik” very well. It is the center of the beautiful country, as it is the place where Tinna lives.


After i finished the Terrazzo tiles i could have used the border that Tinna offers in her pattern which is really lovely by the way. However i thought it would not feel very modified for me as i did not come up with a border myself. I have made up three ones and two of them were fully erased and cut off the runner in the end. The third was a great one as i came up with an idea from the north. I thought it was a nice hint to my work for Martin up North a few weeks ago who uses a lot of front post crochet.  I thought this abstract and fine look of stitches would match the Terrazzo really good. I used some different colors although they were a bit similar to the Snowy Rocks square. The ombre effect in the border has really turned out well as it is a perfect contrast to the dark and vibrant black squares.

And then finally here is the modified pattern for this tablerunner. To be sure i will say again, you have to buy the pattern about the Terrazzo Afghan first to be possible to work on this one. With that i once want to make clear all rights belong to Tinna as she designed the pattern.

The tablerunner has a finished size of 80 cm x 80 cm

I have made up all the color information, stitches, border pattern and further details in a lovely PDF file which you can find here or on my free pattern page :

Reykjavic Terrazzo tablerunner pattern

** if you downloaded the pattern before the 4th of May 2018 there is slight errata encountered at the schedule with the numbered squares. In the new version which you can download this is corrected**



Finally i want to say a few things. The border pattern isn’t tested before publishing and so it can be there are errata’s in it. If you encounter anything, please feel free to contact me and we work it out.  If you would begin on this wonderful pattern of Tinna please share your progress on social media under #terrazzoafghan and it would be nice to place the designers name with it. Also share your work on this on Ravelry on the pattern page.

The same goes for my modified version on it. If you start on this feel free to share anything from your work but it would be nice to share my name on it. I also made a pattern page for the “Reykjavik” Terrazzo tablerunner on Ravelry so feel free to add it there too.

And last but not least….remember that all copyrights and terms for the border are on me : theguywiththehook. It is free to use in which way you want, but copy or publishing under other names would not be allowed.



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